WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Equipment Journal> 2017> 38> 4

Volume: 38 Issue: 4

1. Medical equipment management based on risk management mode Page:154—156
2. Method of equipment parameter demonstration and its role in equipment procurement Page:150—153
3. Application of visible light communication technology in medical field Page:123—126
4. Study on value range of urine analyzer quality control Page:105—107
5. Comparative analysis of GM260 portable blood glucose meter and AU5821 automatic biochemical analyzer Page:102—104
6. Development and application of modified military water tank Page:42—44,53
7. Development of field psychological emergency rescue chest Page:35—37
8. Development and application of portable integral dental unit in ship Page:32—34,41
9. Simulation of sparse views CT image iterative reconstruction based on defective projection data Page:29—31,37
10. Development and application of new-type animal dental stent Page:25—28
11. Discussion on medical equipment support in actual combat training Page:134—135,153
12. Application of 3D scanning system in medical education technology Page:131—133,139
13. Current status of China and U.S.navy hospital ships Page:127—130
14. Dual-energy CT technique and its clinical application on component analysis of urinary calculi Page:120—122,130
15. Design of multi-function hemostatic bandage for hemodialysis patient Page:117—119
16. Comparison of automatic and manual methods for preparation of leukocyte-reduced red blood cell and plasma Page:113—116
17. Establishment and application of management system of clinical blood transfusion Page:108—112
18. Analysis on setup errors of volumetric modulated arc therapy in pelvic tumors based on X-ray volumetric images Page:98—101
19. Scanning skill and quality control in prostate magnetic resonance spectroscopy Page:94—97
20. Comparative study on clinical effects of therapeutic methods on child distal fracture of radius Page:91—93,101
21. Design and application of palm hospital based on WeChat Page:71—73
22. Development and application of private cloud storage system Page:68—70
23. Establishment and application of intelligent nutritional diet analysis system in hospital Page:65—67
24. Design and application of remote printing mode of hospital clinical report Page:62—64
25. Design and application of medical war storage materials management platform based on context awareness Page:58—61
26. Design and implementation of medical assets management system Page:54—57,61
27. Design improvement and application of transfer trolley for collection and distribution in central sterile supply department Page:51—53
28. Development and application of fixed ruler for simulated locator Page:48—50
29. Design and medical application of T-shaped shoes with chuck regulator Page:45—47
30. Design of wireless oxygen concentration monitoring device Page:38—41
31. Design of portable integrated remote medical examination chest Page:22—24,28
32. Improvement of proportion integration differentiation control strategy in temperature control of riptide bioreactor Page:17—21
33. Design and manufacture of hypobaric cabin simulator for experimental animals Page:13—16
34. Design for pressure detection and control system in medical compartment Page:10—12,21
35. Experimental study on shadowing effect of multi static human targets respiration detection with UWB bio-radar Page:1—5
36. Application of comprehensive factor analysis to clinical laboratory devices maintenance Page:143—145
37. Current status and countermeasures of application of mercury thermometer Page:140—142,145
38. Application and estimation of 3D Reconstruction system in clinical departments of hospital Page:136—139
39. Comparison of elasticity imaging and conventional ultrasound applied to diagnosis of benign and malignant breast tumors Page:88—90
40. Application of ExacTrac X-ray image guidance system to frameless stereotactic radiosurgery of intracranial tumor Page:84—87
41. Clinical value of thermal tomography in diagnosis of breast diseases Page:81—83,87
42. Preliminary application of low dose contrast agent in CTPA with spectral CT imaging Page:78—80
43. Application of low-dose contrast agent in 3D dynamic contrast enhanced MR angiography of lower extremity arterial disease Page:74—77
44. Effect analysis on fiberbronchoscope management under life cycle management mode Page:146—149