WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Equipment Journal> 2017> 38> 3

Volume: 38 Issue: 3

1. Application of six sigma in processing of non-coated surgical instrument Page:145—147
2. Application of LIS management group in hospital software and hardware management Page:135—138
3. Role of medical engineering department in integration of health care, nursing and medical technology departments Page:132—134
4. Introduction of foreign hemostatic tools in tactical combat casualty care Page:127—131
5. Thoughts on internet medicine Page:120—122
6. Construction and application of cloud-based hospital information system Page:116—119
7. Research situation and expectation of clinical healthcare big data Page:112—115
8. Hospital informatization in intelligent times Page:104—108
9. Study of dose variations induced by MLC weight effect for IMRT delivery Page:90—93
10. CT signs of small intracranial aneurysm and application of MSCTA before and after clipping surgery and in follow-up Page:86—89
11. Analysis of efficacy on calcaneal fracture by plate fixation combined with 64-slice CT 3D reconstruction Page:73—76
12. Clinical value of 3.0T MRI for hilarcholangiocarcinoma diagnosis Page:70—72
13. Construction of digital operating room in hospital Page:67—69
14. Population health information platform solution under internet plus background Page:55—60
15. Research and development of medical record assistant management system Page:49—54
16. Construction and operation of digital hospital based on mobile technology Page:45—48
17. Dash4000 monitor failure reconditioning method based on fault tree theory Page:32—34
18. Study of medical equipment configuration based on Markov-process Page:21—24
19. ECG signals processing and transmission system based on virtual instrument and remote network Page:14—17
20. Development of new loading device for establishment of stress fracture animal models Page:1—5
21. Present situation and developing demands of education and training of military medical equipment Page:153—156
22. Implementation of undergraduate tutorial system of biomedical engineering specialty in medical college Page:150—152
23. Discussion on detail design of medical linear accelerator room Page:142—144
24. Research on key technology of portable medical endoscope Page:123—126
25. Quality control of automated blood grouping analyzer in blood group serological detecting Page:101—103
26. Comparison and evaluation of abnormal result detection methods of platelet Page:97—100
27. Bacterium monitoring and disinfection on surface of medical equipment maintenance tools Page:94—96
28. Echocardiogram evaluation of cardiovascular functions of acute mountain sickness patient before and after returning plain Page:77—79
29. Design and implementation of real-time quality control system for electronic nursing records Page:64—66
30. Visualization analysis on international medical device study based on CiteSpace Page:38—42
31. Study on formation process of vacuum negative pressure of micro power negative pressure technology Page:25—27
32. Development of new-type intelligent medicine chest based on Java and PLC technologies Page:6—10
33. Medical equipment archives management based on internet Page:148—149,156
34. Interpretation of standard of training and evaluation on semi-automatic biochemical analyzer in grass-root medical unit Page:139—141,144
35. Research on intelligent medicine based on knowledge graph Page:109—111,126
36. Building and effect of vendor cloud platform for stomatological materials Page:61—63,69
37. Research on design optimization of helicopter pilot helmet with mounted display Page:28—31,54
38. Development of portable early debridement device Page:18—20,24
39. Design of personal health information acquisition terminal system Page:11—13,17
40. Value of digital tomosynthesis for physical examination of chest Page:83—85,100
41. Influences of two head holders on setup errors during head and neck neoplasms radiotherapy Page:80—82,93
42. Development and clinical application of automatic chest X-ray protective device Page:43—44,48
43. Development of new-type locating rod for radiotherapy Page:35—37,42