WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Equipment Journal> 2017> 38> 2

Volume: 38 Issue: 2

1. Application and implementation of narrow band imaging in fiberscope Page:142—144
2. Medical team arrangement and practice during fourth ASEAN regional forum disaster relief exercise Page:138—141
3. Analysis of clinical application of biomedical materials in stomatology Page:127—130
4. Vision-based human detection in wounded search task Page:118—121
5. Influencing factors on thrombin time assay by coagulation specimen insufficient centrifugation Page:101—103
6. Influences of water supply sources of dental comprehensive treatment platform on intra-pipeline water quality Page:98—100
7. Application of joint treatment plan of small needle knife and manipulation in treatment of adhesive caipsulitis Page:83—85
8. Applied research on new type of lighted surgical aspirator in deep brain hematoma removal Page:89—91
9. Follow-up observation of carotid artery stent implantation by color Doppler ultrasound combined with TCD Page:86—88
10. Design and application of medical banking system in class A tertiary hospital Page:72—75
11. Design and implementation of private security network for Tianjin disease control and prevention information system Page:66—68
12. Design and application of mobile doctor system Page:63—65
13. Design of transfusion monitoring system and nursing flow optimization under field conditions Page:53—55
14. Study on medical materials classification and coding of extracorporeal circulation and blood purification Page:48—52
15. Development of clinical intelligent management system of dressing consumables Page:45—47
16. Design of personal dosimeter system based on ZigBee wireless network Page:16—20
17. Design of high-frequency ultrasound grayscale blood flow imaging system based on field programmable gate array Page:11—15
18. Development and experimental test of ribbed, oxygen-enriched and inflatable tent Page:6—10
19. Discussion on clinical application management of defibrillator Page:153—155
20. Design of hospital consumables distribution and cost control system based on consignment mode Page:150—152
21. Application of quality control circle to reducing non-timely maintenance rate of medical equipment Page:147—149
22. Progress of transesophageal echocardiography applied in perioperative monitoring Page:131—134
23. SLAM and path planning of mobile robot in ROS framework Page:109—113
24. Research status and development tendency of unmanned aerial vehicles for casualty evacuation Page:104—108
25. Comparative study on values of CT and MRI for diagnosis of diffuse axonal injury Page:92—94
26. Clinical efficacy analysis of double-plate fixation combined with bone graft on SchatzkerⅤ/Ⅵ tibial plateau fractures Page:80—82
27. Design and development of centralized management and sharing system of medical equipment Page:59—62
28. Design of speech command module for X-ray examination Page:56—58
29. Design and application of slide support nursing bed Page:42—44
30. Development of capacity-controlled ventriculoperitoneal shunt device Page:39—41
31. Design and development of auxiliary measurement device for knee anterior cruciate ligament injury Page:28—31
32. Design of virtual ECG monitor system based on LabVIEW Page:24—27
33. Medical monitor purchase decision based on quantitative performance evaluation Page:135—137,141
34. Grasp torque control based on experiential learning and haptic feedback Page:122—126,130
35. Visual terrain classification for mobile robot using bag of words Page:114—117,121
36. Oracle database migration based on Linux and virtual platform Page:69—71,75
37. Development of portable vital signs monitoring system for field severe patient Page:21—23,27
38. Standardized application of clinical laboratory module of mobile medical unit during field operations Page:145—146,149
39. Analysis of protective earth requirement for touched metal parts of medical electrical equipment Page:95—97,108
40. Application of double-low technique to aortic MSCTA Page:76—79,88
41. Development of portable efficacy detector for battlefield treatment training Page:32—34,44
42. Development of obstacle avoidance device based on gait detection algorithm Page:1—5,15