WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Equipment Journal> 2017> 38> 12

Volume: 38 Issue: 12

1. Study of laser speckle blood flow imaging based on de-correlation algorithm Page:1—4,19
2. Effects of continuous theta burst stimulation (cTBS) on the motor network in motor area Page:5—10
3. Data security and privacy protection of wireless medical sensor network based on hybrid encryption Page:11—15
4. Development of wearable monitor for human vital signs and environment information Page:16—19
5. Application of early warning model based on decision tree for medical equipment quantity and quality Page:20—22,28
6. Development of intelligent pneumatic tourniquet Page:23—25,42
7. Design and implementation of sitting posture fixation device for baby hip ultrasonic screening Page:26—28
8. Design of inflatable bed aerator for bedsore prevention based on medical compressed air supply Page:29—32,36
9. Design and implementation of intelligent fire alarm system in hospital Page:33—36
10. Design and application of new training device of mouth opening Page:37—39
11. Design and application of multifunctional patient suit Page:40—42
12. Development and application of sheet for postural change during painless colonoscopy Page:43—44,64
13. Construction and application of resuscitation and transfer modules in field medical unit Page:45—47
14. Design and implementation of critical value SMS reporting system Page:48—50,54
15. Informatized management and optimization measures of clinical laboratory process Page:51—54
16. Data consistency guarantee scheme based on integrated platform Page:55—57,61
17. Functional design of patient App in internet + era Page:58—61
18. Development and implementation of batch input expansion function of PACS Page:62—64
19. Influence on postoperative axial symptom by unilateral laminoplasty combined with different fixations Page:65—69
20. Effects of different concentrations of image intensifiers on dose calculation for NPC Page:70—72,87
21. Color Doppler evaluation of tuberculous pelvic inflammation ovarian function Page:73—76,83
22. Effects of heart rate changes after holding breath and time for recovering stable heart rate on quality of coronary CTA Page:77—79
23. Influence of CT value-electron density transformation curve on radiotherapy dosage for different scanning sites Page:80—83
24. Physical performance testing of Mobetron 2000 mobile intraoperative radiotherapy system Page:84—87
25. Calibration and quality control of medical image monitor Page:88—90,94
26. Dose distribution analysis of whole body γ-knife and three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy in treatment of primary hepatic carcinoma Page:91—94
27. Problems in quality control of hemodialysis machine Page:95—97
28. Development of supporting pole for medical detachable camouflage net at field conditions Page:98—100,115
29. Improved design and application of central oxygen supply system in treatment group of field medical unit Page:101—103,123
30. Development and application of portable hanging perfusion support Page:104—105,129
31. Research progress of haemostatic dressing for traumatic injury prehospital firstaid Page:106—109,145
32. Data mining technique of TCM diagnosis and treatment Page:110—112,148
33. Medicinal materials support scheme for multi-module medicine vehicle Page:113—115
34. New outpatient mode based on mobile internet for pregnancy nutrition Page:116—118,159
35. Application of barcode technology to patient information management in hyperbaric medicine unit Page:119—120,134
36. Problems and countermeasures of special diagnosis support during base training Page:121—123
37. Requirements analysis on defibrillation protection testing and marking of multi-parameter monitor Page:124—126,151
38. Effect of consumption ratio monitoring on management of single disease Page:127—129
39. Improving oxygen concentrator in medical gas pipeline system based on YY 1468-2016 standard Page:130—134
40. Interferences and suppression methods in use of medical electronic devices Page:135—137
41. Application risk and management strategy of infusion pumps Page:138—141
42. Safety management of clinical medical imaging equipment Page:142—145
43. Standardized management of manufacturing laboratory equipment in comprehensive hospital Page:146—148
44. Accounting solution of single medical equipment Page:149—151