WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Equipment Journal> 2017> 38> 11

Volume: 38 Issue: 11

1. Management of medical equipment maintenance Page:141—143
2. Analysis on management policies for configuration and utilization of large-scale medical facilities Page:137—140
3. Construction of clinical medical engineering emergency support mode in medical rescue Page:121—123,136
4. Problems and countermeasures for communication equipment supportability of newly established field medical unit Page:118—120
5. Research progress of single-particle focusing device and related technologies Page:109—112,117
6. Safety analysis of atrial septal defect closure using Da Vinci surgical system Page:106—108
7. Application of robotic-assisted surgery in urology Page:101—105,108
8. Value of three dimensional color power Doppler ultrasound in diagnosis of placenta accrete Page:65—68,89
9. Infection prevention of new-type bulb syringe during posterior lumbar surgery Page:62—64
10. Survey on present situation of medical equipment user training under doctor-nurse integration mode Page:151—154
11. Survey and analysis on clinical engineering departments in Guangdong under new regulations Page:147—150,154
12. Research on medical device technology archives and its management method Page:144—146
13. Advantages and disadvantages of magnetic resonance susceptibility effect applied clinically and countermeasures Page:133—136
14. Problems and countermeasures for technical support of military medical equipment in cold alpine regions Page:130—132
15. Application of newly developed hemostatic apparatus for US army TCCC:XSTAT 30 Page:127—129,140
16. Construction of military hospital medical technology module for supporting battlefield medical service Page:124—126,132
17. Clinical application progresses of gemstone spectral CT Page:113—117
18. Research progress of surgical robot and its clinical application Page:97—100
19. Quality safety of ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus during clinical application Page:94—96,108
20. Performance verification of RAAS by AutoLumo A2000chemiluminescence detector Page:90—93
21. Performance verification and evaluation of ACL-TOP700 automatic coagulation analyzer Page:86—89
22. Correlation between measurement error of oxygen concentration and service time of ventilator's oxygen cell Page:83—85
23. Analysis of electric shock protection requirements for IVD diagnostic equipment in IEC 61010-1:2010 Page:79—82
24. Feasibility study on low-dose technique for coronary artery angiography in overweight patients Page:75—78
25. Diagnostic values of X-ray and CT examinations for traumatic diaphragmatic rupture Page:72—74,93
26. Comparative research of setup error and registration for image-guided radiotherapy of lung cancer Page:69—71,78
27. Design and application of teaching and examination system based on Delphi for obstetric nurse Page:55—58
28. Design and implementation of medical imaging and pathological results retrieval system based on Web and Node.js Page:51—54,58
29. Establishment and application of management system of medical adverse events Page:47—50
30. Application of interaction between mobile phone App and HIS Page:44—46,50
31. Development of rain gear for stretcher cart Page:41—43
32. Development of multifunctional medical flowmeter Page:38—40
33. Design and application of medical fixation plate Page:35—37
34. Development of simulation phantom for CT radiation dose measurement Page:31—34
35. Development and application of multifunctional cushion for venous thrombosis prevention of lower extremities Page:27—30,34
36. Informatization module requirement analysis and system framework design for train hospital in 350 km/h speed Chinese standard EMU Page:23—26
37. Design of Android-based hand-hold intelligent terminal for hyperbaric oxygen therapy Page:20—22,40
38. Study on PSA oxygen generating technology with variable frequencies,constant pressure and self-adaptivity to altitude changes Page:15—19
39. Design of thermal alarm sensing controller of high-frequency electric knife against risk of burns Page:10—14,19
40. Development of LabVIEW-based loading system for cellular shear stress and its experimental validation Page:5—9
41. Design of high-speed data acquisition system for very high frequency medical ultrasonic echo signals Page:1—4,9
42. Coronary CT 3D post-processing standardized display and construction of digital teaching platform Page:59—61,82