WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Equipment Journal> 2017> 38> 10

Volume: 38 Issue: 10

1. Research on evaluation index system and model of emergency medical rescue capability assessment Page:1—4,8
2. Tight-frame-based MP-PET image recovery Page:5—8
3. Development and test of medical gas terminal filter device Page:9—12
4. Hilbert spectrum analysis of calf angular acceleration signals in stomping-walking-falling gait Page:13—16
5. Design and implementation of remote ECG monitoring system-server program Page:17—20
6. Development of buckle tourniquet with timing function Page:21—24
7. Development of clinical laboratory vehicle for field rescue Page:25—27,32
8. Development of inflatable and multi-function medicine chest Page:28—29,41
9. Development and application of limb support for wound treatment Page:30—32
10. Improvement of voltage regulator for traditional X-ray machine Page:33—35
11. Development of miniature negative pressure aspirator Page:36—38
12. Development and effect evaluation of magnetic angulometer for elevated headboard and footboard Page:39—41
13. Design and implementation of integration system for use, supervision and intervention of antimicrobials based on closed-loop control Page:42—44,51
14. Design and implementation of medical insurance little catalogue warning function in HIS Page:45—47,61
15. Development and application of venous thromboembolism intelligent evaluation and automatic warning system Page:48—51
16. Methodology for constructing physical examination information system Page:52—54,68
17. Present situation analysis and solutions comparison of municipal population health information platform Page:55—61
18. Mechanics properties of red blood cell measured by atomic force microscope in patients with hypertension Page:62—64,75
19. Effect and mechanism of balance acupuncture for blood glucose,hypertension and hyperlipidemia of type 2 diabetes mellitus patient Page:65—68
20. Analysis of relation between 18F-FDG PET/CT and clinical manifestations for patients with bone metastases from prostate cancer Page:69—72
21. Clinical values of CT and MRI in diagnosis of femoral head necrosis Page:73—75
22. Application of GE OEC9900 C-arm X-ray with L-arm design in orthopaedic surgery Page:76—78,82
23. Measurement and analysis of dissolved oxygen in circulating water of electromagnetic extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter Page:79—82
24. Effect of time and temperature on count of peripheral blood cells in newborns Page:83—85,92
25. Analysis on DR waste film rates in different characteristic cases Page:86—88,95
26. Measuring thyroid density by energy spectrum CT Page:89—92
27. Experimental study on selection of auxiliary appliance during application of injection pump Page:93—95
28. Quality inspection on in-use breathing machine Page:96—98
29. Research progress of human's attitude angle measurement methods based on inertial sensors Page:99—103,107
30. Correlation study of estrogen receptor and MRI morphological features for breast cancer Page:104—107
31. Blood products and related medical equipment for field first aid Page:108—111,121
32. Enhancing efficiency of remote mobile NBC decontamination Page:112—114
33. Emergency clinical laboratory system for civilian and military uses in actual military operations Page:115—117,128
34. Design and construction requirements of internal environment and facilities for clinical laboratory Page:118—121
35. Analysis on key contents for registration and application of automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer in new regulatory system Page:122—125
36. Upgrades of XCY2002-1/200 field X-ray diagnosis vehicle rack movement Page:126—128
37. Application of Leica CM1950 automatic constant temperature freezing microtome in frozen section Page:129—131
38. Application and progress of Internet+ in medical field Page:132—134
39. Application of PDCA circle management method to fine management of medical consumables item Page:135—138,141
40. Present situation survey and suggestions on high-value medical consumables in district hospitals of Nanjing Page:139—141
41. Effect of PDCA quality control circle on integrated management of operating room and supply room Page:142—145
42. Management of medical equipment in hospital ship Page:146—148
43. Informatized management of ophthalmic equipment archives Page:149—150,164