WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Equipment Journal> 2015> 36> 5

Volume: 36 Issue: 5

1. Testing method for electromagnetic field induced by electrical potential therapy equipment Page:127—129
2. Hospital medical equipment purchase demonstration based on cost-benefit analysis Page:119—121
3. Automation of hyperbaric oxygen chamber Page:116—118
4. Development overview and suggestions of the US armed forces' medical electronic health record system Page:112—115
5. Researchprogress of radar for non-contact medical monitoring Page:107—111
6. Factors affecting digital image white balance of biological microscope Page:95—97
7. Testing of full-field digital mammography Page:92—94
8. Power interference and its restraining in ECG machine testing Page:89—91
9. Application value of MINI-VIDAS automated multiparametric analyzer for immunoanalysis of acute chest pain in military hospital Page:76—78
10. Design and application of real-time settlement system for medical insurance based on Outpatient One Card Solution Page:63—65
11. Design of health service resources management based on GIS Page:60—62
12. Upgrading database with high availability and elastic architecture under Oracle 11g RAC Page:57—59
13. Design and clinical application of balloon-type head fixation pillow for interventional neuroradiology operation Page:44—46
14. Development and application of simple gas dynamic exposure device Page:31—33
15. Application of analytic hierarchy process approach in determining weight coefficient for customer requirements of emergency infusion equipment Page:27—30
16. Development of electronic infusion alarm system Page:23—26
17. Design and application of testing system for visual-feedback-based posture adjusting ability Page:17—19
18. Application research on new technology for on-board medical waste pyrolysis Page:104—106
19. Individualized teaching mode in course of Digital Signal Processing Page:143—145
20. Medical equipment management and risk control based on risk analysis Page:140—142
21. Equipment department management information system based on B/S architecture:purchase process management Page:134—137
22. Research on intelligent quality control platform of ECG monitor Page:86—88
23. Application of joint fixation with breast bracket and body phantom to breast cancer radiotherapy after breast-conserving operation Page:79—81
24. Study on theater nurse learning system based on PDCA theory Page:66—69
25. Development and application of automatic dental crown remover Page:49—50
26. Design of endoscope image acquisition system based on CCD and FPGA Page:37—40
27. Design mechanism and application of quasi-zero stiffness isolator Page:34—36
28. System study on magneto-acoustic imaging in frequency domain Page:1—5
29. Development of portable end-tidal carbon dioxide monitor Page:9—12
30. Present situation and future of medical equipment department Page:148—149,153
31. Medical equipment maintenance management based on PDCA Page:138—139,161
32. Analysis on common faults of clinical laboratory equipment on hospital ship Page:132—133,137
33. Comprehensive utilization of compressed air in hyperbaric oxygen chamber Page:130—131,145
34. Causes and their countermeasures for accidental instability of WBC testing by Sysmex XS-800i blood cell a3nalyzer Page:122—123,155
35. Design of on-board medical waste pyrolysis furnace Page:102—103,129
36. Development of pyrogenation treatment vehicle of medical wastes Page:98—101,106
37. Clinical value of CereTom mobile CT scanner for patients in neurological ICU Page:73—75,115
38. Comparative study on Argus and artificial methods for MRI scanning of femoral head necrosis area Page:70—72,97
39. Design and application of mobile medical information system based on information technology Page:53—56,59
40. Design of exercise quantity monitoring and recording device for navy serviceman Page:47—48,69
41. Clinical engineering professional certification in Germany and implications for China Page:146—147,158
42. Requirements of Korea for admittance to medical device market Page:124—126,131
43. Application of DR in diagnosis of lumbar instability Page:84—85,111
44. Evaluation of clinical efficacy of ultrasonic-harmonic scalpel in open thyroid surgery Page:82—83,118
45. Research and development of rotatable scalp acupuncture Page:51—52,65
46. Development of intelligent wound instillation-negative pressure therapeutic instrument Page:41—43,121
47. Android-based design and implementation of intelligent medical chest system for combat readiness Page:20—22,40
48. Design of ECG signal acquisition system based on MSP430 microcontroller Page:6—8,46
49. Modification study of cyanoacrylate medical adhesive Page:13—16,30