WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Equipment Journal> 1993> 0> 06

Volume: 0 Issue: 06

1. A common microwave therapy apparatus Page:—
2. Digital display measurer for diameter of immune precipitation ring Page:—
3. NZ—Ⅱ model hemorrhoids therapy apparatus Page:—
4. Microcomputer analysis and processing system of experimental data Page:—
5. A Multifunctional hitch and suck injector Page:—
6. System engineering of medical equipment Page:—
7. Data storage of HIS Page:—
8. Solution for fault tolerant technique of network server in hospital Page:—
9. Exchange of EMR in group hospital based on ebXML Page:—
10. Counting parameter of EEG relative dimensions Page:—
11. The experimental study of the irrigating pressure of firearm injury Page:—
12. Research of effect of stray capacitance on measurement accuracy in tissue impedance spectroscopy measurement Page:—
13. Development and calibration of an instrument for measuring the fatigue life of prostheses Part(Ⅰ)——Development of the instrument Page:—
14. Design and development of the multi-function DSA image workstation Page:—
15. The ergonomic evaluation of expanded shelter Page:—
16. Some Problems Must be Adverted in the Medical Equipment Design and Application of the PA-series High Power Amplifier Page:—
17. Preliminary Analysis of Chinese Documentations On CT Performance/Quality Test(I) Page:—
18. LIS design and research of security based on web technology Page:—
19. Applications of communication and network technologies to designs of medical equipments Page:—
20. Applications of conducting polymers to medical engineering Page:—
21. Liver cancer CT image enhancement using wavelet transform Page:—
22. Application of RP technology to the development of medical equipment Page:—
23. Development of plateau personal physiological parameters monitor Page:—
24. Development of an electronic optometer based on SCM Page:—
25. Solution modes of intravascular stents for anastomosis Page:—
26. Development of noncontact thermometer Page:—
27. Development of a blood circulation monitor for transplanted skin Page:—
28. Intracutaneous stimulation test and shortterm muscle embedding test of FGF/Collagen compound sponge Page:—
29. Intelligentized control system of microwave curer Page:—
30. Parsing and encoding of DICOM Nesting Data Set and its application to PACS Page:—
31. DICOM: standard for medical imaging and communication Page:—
32. USB technology and its application in medicine Page:—
33. Sharing automatic processor through layer 3 switching Page:—
34. PKI-based security for computer-based patient record information system Page:—
35. New technology for immunofluorescence assay of papilloma virus Page:—
36. Review of semiconductor laser in medical applications Page:—
37. Phased array coil and parallel imaging technology of MRI Page:—
38. Application of classification, clustering-based data mining technology to CLIS Page:—
39. Application of computer technology to developing physical therapy instrument for bone injury Page:—
40. Study on dynamic electrocardiogram record system based on MSP430 Page:—
41. Design of portable monitoring CPR device Page:—
42. Development of digital mobile x-ray unit based on CCD Page:—
43. Distributing structure of nozzles in medical micro-jet device Page:—
44. Research of automatic peripheral white blood cell classification system Page:—
45. Research of WLAN medical service indemnity commanding system in field hospital Page:—
46. Study on repacking of HITACHI SX-YB2 X-ray photography system Page:—
47. Design and manufacture of digital stopwatch for experiment Page:—
48. New-type portable firstaid kit for evacuation corridor Page:—
49. Disposable umbilical cord clamp and amputator Page:—
50. Measurement of output dose of medical linear accelerator with IAEA regulation Page:—
51. Application of microcurrent detector to intraoperative diagnosis of 101 cases of tumor Page:—
52. Study on formation of biofilm in bronchi of old patients during application of mechanic air Page:—
53. Clinical maintenance analysis and research of Elekta precise accelerator Page:—
54. Research of organization and function and practice on intelligent hospital construction Page:—
55. Innovation of publication mechanism for service enhancement-five-year publication practice of Chinese medical equipment journal and its prospects Page:—
56. Study and experience from work of computer X-ray photography Page:—
57. Influencing factors for accuracy of blood pressure test Page:—
58. Requirement analysis and database design of USIS Page:—
59. Discussion on routine maintenance for HIS in General Hospital of P.D.S.Coal Group Page:—
60. Application of hospital sterile packing material Page:—
61. Improvement of new nurses' firstaid skill by simulated ICU Page:—
62. Computing method for cuniform gene of electric cuniform board Page:—
63. Comparison of DR and CR in digital medical imaging Page:—
64. Development and application of management software for hospital medical record flow Page:—
65. Data transfer of beams based on DICOM RT Page:—
66. Design and application of health instruction database for diabetes mellitus patients Page:—
67. Application of VPN technology to PACS Page:—
68. Testing Method for protection capability of skin protection material against nitro oxidizer Page:—
69. Study on negative pressure control system in class III bio-safety lab Page:—
70. Intensity modulated radiation therapy technology Page:—
71. Progress of radiotherapy physics for malignant tumour Page:—
72. Research on control system of brain-computer interface based on the alpha waves in EEG Page:—
73. Development of a linear foot switch with optical encoder Page:—
74. Mono-modality image registration based on modified mutual information Page:—
75. Design of Holter system based on USB technology Page:—
76. Long-distance heart emergency system based on mobile networks Page:—
77. Study on programmable gain in ultrasonic guidance system for the blind Page:—
78. Design of new multi-channel EEG signal acquisition system Page:—
79. Development of new-type multi-functional apparatus for prostate therapy Page:—
80. Wireless central monitor system based on Bluetooth Page:—
81. Three-dimensional visualization system for medical image based on VTK Page:—
82. Dynamical measurement system of respirator based on data collection card Page:—
83. Development of Inquiries Management System for medical high-value consumables in hospital Page:—
84. Realization of Auditory Apperception Measurement Model by computer Page:—
85. Development of ECG Real-time Signal System based on LabVIEW language Page:—
86. Design and application of hospital material management system Page:—
87. Military medical metrology work Page:—
88. Buoy type oxygen inhaler's Inspection Page:—
89. Analysis of B-D test monitoring result on forevacuum steam sterilizer Page:—
90. Application problems and nursing measures of respirators in 54 cases Page:—
91. Clinical study of endoscopic ultrasound(EUS)in gastric cancer preparation diagnosis and staging Page:—
92. Performance evaluation of ABX MICROS CRP hematology analyzer Page:—
93. Discussion on on-line bid of medical equipment Page:—
94. Application of comprehensive fuzzy judgment method in maintenance decision-making for medical equipments Page:—
95. Technology of filtering in medical image processing Page:—
96. Application of CTI and 3G technology in modern 120 emergency command center Page:—
97. Quick deployment flow for shelters of campaign-grade rapid medical support system Page:—
98. Preparations for dual source CT before its installation Page:—
99. Hospital mobile communication system based on PHS technology Page:—
100. Construction of information and automation system in hospital pharmacy Page:—
101. Risk analysis and countermeasures in hospital information security system Page:—
102. Discussion on medical informatization to field medical team Page:—
103. Construction of medical information system in clinic Page:—
104. Design of digital medical engineering support system and its information system Page:—
105. Development of PET scanner for small animals Page:—
106. Design of multi-channel temperature measurement system Page:—
107. Effect of ACH on contamination diffusion in turbulent cleanroom Page:—
108. Research of air heater fault diagnosis based on Fuzzy theory Page:—
109. Design and application of digital manometer for air-pocket in manual air-way Page:—
110. Study of one-handed electronic tourniquet Page:—
111. Development of automatic machine for ampoules rinsing and drying and drug succus filling in field condition Page:—
112. Development of Pilot Integrated Psychometric System Page:—
113. Study on immunosensor of immobilized HRP-HBV antibody on Au colloid Page:—
114. Design and Application of Hospital Assessment Information Management System Page:—
115. Realization of Laboratory Instrument Connection with Mscomm32 Control Page:—
116. Research of Low-cost Patient Information Remote Monitoring System Page:—
117. Development of Medical Information Platform Based on B/W/S Structure in Clinical Department Page:—
118. Amelioration of Service Flow by Using Hospital Information System Page:—
119. Research and Application of SPR Sensor Technique in Biomedical Engineering Page:—
120. Development of Wireless Multiple Physiological Parameters Monitoring System for Athletes Page:—
121. Immediate Communication System of Remote Medical Monitoring Based on Internet Page:—
122. Visualization for Three-dimensional Data Page:—
123. Design of Computer-aided System for Adverse Events of Medical Instruments Page:—
124. Language Setting of RedHat Linux V7.1 System Page:—
125. Connection of Matrix Operation Live Telecast System with Telemedicine Education Web Page:—
126. Design of Integrated Result Query Service System in HIS Based on Secure Data-exchange Page:—
127. Application Research on Using High Availability Cluster Based on VMware in HIS Page:—
128. Storage and Display of Picture and Text Data in Management Information System Page:—
129. Experience on Relocation of Hospital Computer Center Page:—
130. Tasks of Clinical Medical Engineers in Quality Assurance and Quality Control of MRI Page:—
131. Study for Safety in Medical Equipment Using Page:—
132. Principle and Fault Diagnosis of Magnetron of Medical Linear Accelerator Page:—
133. Principle of 64-Slice Dual-Source Computed Tomography Page:—
134. Clinical Application of Mutli-slice Spiral CT in Cerebral Angiography Page:—
135. Application and Maintenance of RT-2100C Micro-plate Reader Page:—
136. Development of Precision Constant-temperature Water Circulator for Laser Generator Page:—
137. Development of Simulation Operating System for Die-spherical Three-dimensional Laparoscope Page:—
138. Development of Digital Intracranial Pressure Gage Page:—
139. Portable ECG Holter's Design Based on Dual-port RAM Page:—
140. Compilation of New-edition Military Medical Metrology Tree Graph Page:—
141. Reconstruction of Medical Train and Management of Facilities on Evacuation Page:—
142. Development of Field Multifunctional Blood Warmer Page:—
143. Development and Application of Battlefield Simplified Partial Pressurized Tourniquet Page:—
144. Modularization Design of Urgent Medical Equipments Page:—
145. Application of Multi-slice Spiral Computed Tomographic Scan in Rhinology Page:—
146. Clinical Analysis of Xerostomia in Patients With Head and Neck Cancer After Radiation Therapy Page:—
147. Combined Biological Function of TOT and LED and Mechanism of Acceleration in Wound Healing Page:—
148. Exploration of Optimal Scheme and Theoretic Mechanism for Treatment of Chronic Ulcerative Colitis Page:—
149. Performance Evaluation of Sysmex XS-800i Automated Hematology Analyzer Page:—
150. Study of Model of Single Pedicle Separaration Flap Page:—
151. Quality Control of Effective Washing of Regenerated Medical Instrument Page:—
152. Medical Metrology Being a Premise of medical quality Page:—
153. Function of Medical Metrology on Medical Instruments Checking Page:—
154. Strengthening Hospital Metrology Management Being Imperative Page:—
155. Practice and Exploration of Cost-benefit Analysis of Large-scale Medical Equipment Page:—
156. Strengthening Medical Equipment Management for Higher Efficiency Page:—
157. Informatized Management of Medical Consumptive Material Page:—
158. New Technology in Design of Electrical System for Medical Vehicle Page:—
159. Development of NBC Filtration and Ventilation Unit Page:—
160. Purchase and Management for Medical Equipment in Total-Cost Accounting Page:—
161. Discussion on Shortcomings and Countermeasures of Internet-based Bid of Medical Equipment Page:—
162. Risk Cause and Countermeasure on Adverse Apparatus Events of Medical Institutions Page:—
163. Development for A Field-based Operating Astral Lamp with Light-Emitting Diodes Page:—
164. Design of Information Collection Platform for Movement Based on ARM7 Page:—
165. Design of the Pulse Wave Measurement System Based on ZigBee Wireless Network Page:—
166. Application of Nano-materials in Biosensors Page:—
167. Design and Realization of Decompression Escape Timer Control Program Page:—
168. Analysis and Deployment of Network Security in Hospital Information System Construction Page:—
169. Recovery Project of Computer Network Malfunction System under Unexpected Circumstances Page:—
170. Application Study on Multi-Service-Agent Cooperative in Embedded Network Computing Page:—
171. Construction of the Ultra-high Definition Based on Telemedicine System Page:—
172. Control and Thinking of LIS System Management Page:—
173. Design and Realization of Hospital Special Medical Information System Page:—
174. Analysis of Disaster-Tolerant Technique in Hospital Information System Page:—
175. Design of Universal Bed Board by Immobilizing for Multi-mode Medical Images Fusion Page:—
176. Database Information Query and its Printing Technology Based on VC++6.0 Page:—
177. Research of Simulation Algorithm from Microwave Automatic Cancellation in Radar Life Detecting System Page:—
178. Development and Application of Endoscopic Ultrasound Electrosurgical Cutting and Coagulation Device Page:—
179. Application of Mobile Ultrasonoscope in Earthquake Rescue Page:—
180. Influence of Power Quality on the Performance of Medical Equipment Page:—
181. Operating Principle and Fault Analysis for Electrocardiographic Magneto Potentiometer Page:—
182. Analysis of the Components and Function of Digital Radiography System Page:—
183. Examination of Digital EEG Instrument Page:—
184. Development and Clinical Application of General Fast Adapter Page:—
185. Discussion of Dual-Energy Imaging with the Dual-source Computer Tomography Page:—
186. Application of the Mobile DR System in Large-scale Physical Page:—
187. Study on Medical Water Processing and Supply System in Field Operation Page:—
188. Design of Integrated Emergency Medical Treatment System Mounted on Helicopter Page:—
189. Management of Both War and Peace Time for Medical Equipment in Field Clinics Page:—
190. Exploration of Photographic Parameter and the Evaluation of Clinical Application for CR Image Splicing of Double Total Length Lower Extremities Page:—
191. Development and Application of Multifunctional Laryngeal Mask Page:—
192. Structure Design of Mushroom Shaped Surface Prosthesis of Femoral Head Page:—
193. Development of Five-classification Technology in Hematology Analysis Page:—
194. Brief Discussion of Hospital Logistical Transmission Systems Page:—
195. Application of Time-resolved Imaging of Contrast Kinetics in the Diagnosis of Lower Extremity Diseases Page:—
196. Comparison and Analysis of Coagulation Convention on Two Coagulation Analysators Page:—
197. Performance Evaluation of BC-5500 Hematology Analyzer Page:—
198. Inventory Management of Medical Consumables in Inpatient Area Page:—
199. Configuring Anti-earthquake Medical Resource and Improving Medical Insurance Page:—
200. Application of the Telemedicine System in Earthquake Rescue Page:—
201. Discussion of Analytical Approach with Operation of Large and Medium-sized Medical Equipment Page:—
202. Brief Analysis of Medical Equipment Quality Control Page:—
203. Establishment of the Whole Quality Assurance System in Equipment of Scientific Research Page:—
204. Strengthening the Management of Medical Measurement and Ensuring the Safe Use of Medical Equipment Page:—
205. Transcutaneous neuromuscalar electrical stimulator Page:—