WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Equipment Journal> 1993> 0> 05

Volume: 0 Issue: 05

1. The control technique and clinical application of the intelligentized respirator Page:—
2. The development of portable power-operated aspirator Page:—
3. Wavelet-based denoise of body-surface electrogastrogram signals Page:—
4. H~+-ISFET sensor and its working characteristic study Page:—
5. Applied technology improving bio-compatibility of hemodialysis membrane Page:—
6. Effectiveness evaluation for military equipment Page:—
7. Development of a detection system of the enzyme-linked analyzer Page:—
8. Establishment of assessment index system for GSM of military field medical equipment Page:—
9. Design of the midget ultralow power consumption ECG auscultoscope Page:—
10. Development and clinical application of LDRF-50 RF curer Page:—
11. Rapid method of object detection based on color feature Page:—
12. Twolayer structure of the hollow stent wall for bloodvessel anastomosis Page:—
13. A modulation method for the data transmission of the telemedicine system Page:—
14. The bactericidal mechanism and effect of HVEF in the air cleaner Page:—
15. The cooperation of NO air-feed system and respirator Page:—
16. USB bus technology and its medical application Page:—
17. The study of biocompatibility of polyurethane sponges made in China Page:—
18. The application of the extraction of 40Hz ASSR with parametric-model method to monitoring the depth of anesthesia Page:—
19. The finite element modeling and model analysis of the teleconsulting vehicle compartment Page:—
20. The development and application of V-type dental abrasive testing machine Page:—
21. SARS virus nucleotide sequence analysis based on signal processing Page:—
22. Research on real-time bioelectrical signal acquisition based on DSP Page:—
23. Development of ventilator tester based on ADuC812 Page:—
24. Design and clinical application of toothed suction tonsil elevator Page:—
25. Design and implementation of diabetes mellitus clinical database Page:—
26. Defect and resolvent of HITACHI 7080 biochemical analyzer Page:—
27. Power supply design for semiconductor chilling plate Page:—
28. Reconstruction of spiral CT image transmitting system and its transmitting network Page:—
29. Heatstroke prediction machine for single soldier Page:—
30. Revolution of training mode for medical engineering personnel Page:—
31. Practice and research on education mode of biomedical engineering Page:—
32. Construction and development of medical engineering department in new army system Page:—
33. Principle and troubleshooting of pneumatic tube system named Sumetzberger NW160 Page:—
34. Princple of high-power amplifier in MRI gadients system Page:—
35. Working principle of PIAPC card of FJ2008P? radiation immunity arithmometer Page:—
36. Effect of relation between ionization chamber and photographic position on X-ray image quality Page:—
37. Analysis of image artifacts in computed radiographic system Page:—
38. Experiences and thoughts in medical instruments Dept.of sanatorium Page:—
39. Discussion on checkup of hospital archives Page:—
40. Problems and countermeasures for application management of military medical equipment Page:—
41. Tentative plan for field medical card Page:—
42. Selection and purchase of fluorescence ration PCR instrument Page:—
43. Improvement of maintenance chronergy for medical instruments Page:—
44. Inspection and repair management of military medical equipment Page:—
45. Profit analysis of medical equipment management Page:—
46. Integrative management of medical equipment Page:—
47. Quality management of low-cost medical consumables Page:—
48. Application of radio frequency identification to hospital neonates' managment Page:—
49. Mistakes about Oracle performance tuning Page:—
50. Discussion about security management of HIS Page:—
51. Impact of Information technology on hospital working procedure Page:—
52. Scheme of hospital intranet security Page:—
53. Review of dose optimization on digital angiography system Page:—
54. Application of hyaluronic acid in tissue engineering Page:—
55. Development of embedded Linux device driver for small medical apparatus Page:—
56. Design of signal preprocessing software in the non-contact life parameters detection system Page:—
57. Application of wavelet transforms to ECG characteristic points recognition Page:—
58. Application of USB Bridge Chip to ECG Signal Sampling System Page:—
59. Analysis of epileptic electroencephalogram based on multi-variable state space reconstruction Page:—
60. Research on insomnia therapeutic instrument with brain electricity stimulation Page:—
61. Development of pull-push synchronous injector for radionuclide pill Page:—
62. C++—based realization of USB communication between host and embedded medical equipment Page:—
63. Development and application of semi-automatic liquid nitrogen extracter Page:—
64. Research on quality inspection technology of medical diagnostic photographic X-ray machine Page:—
65. Principle and structure of FEP-BY02 HIFU treatment device Page:—
66. Operating principle and structure of automatic system in laboratory Page:—
67. Discussion on rehearsal of field medical unit in NBC environment Page:—
68. Usage and maintenance of image plate in X-ray tomography Page:—
69. Self-communication support in peacekeeping medical contingent Page:—
70. Market research on home medical device in Beijing Page:—
71. Practice of strengthening cooperative management of medical projects Page:—
72. Discussion about medical equipment management and hospital efficiency Page:—
73. Maintenance and management of respirator Page:—
74. Study on management mode of reliability maintenance of military medical equipment Page:—
75. Localization of tele-consultation by integration of military medical tele-information resources Page:—
76. Application of informatization to field medical team Page:—
77. Development of Lab Imformation Online Query System based on Single Version LIS Page:—
78. Development and application of pre bar code hospital-laboratory information system Page:—
79. Improvement of the first page of medical record for transformed hospital Page:—
80. Research advances and outlook on the brain-computer interface Page:—
81. Electric field generator for study of cardiomyoctye Page:—
82. Measurement of minute fluctuation blood cell membrane based on super resolution theory Page:—
83. Restoration of DTI images based on anisotropic diffusion Page:—
84. Equipment and technology requirements of medical emergency response to nuclear and radiation accident Page:—
85. Development of vehicle-mounted medical PSA oxygen generation system for driver on plateau Page:—
86. Construction of individual healthcare monitoring system based on non-standard protocol wireless communication Page:—
87. Development of vest-style first-aid kit Page:—
88. Study on portable neurogenic bladder curer Page:—
89. Noninvasive monitoring technology and device for tissue blood oxygen content Page:—
90. Avoidance of Adverse Event of Medical Appliances Page:—
91. Application of Materials Circulation Management in Hospital Page:—
92. Improving Design of Multichannel Digital Temperature Detecting System Page:—
93. Development of Communication Interface Software and Its Application in LIS for Laboratory Analyzer Page:—
94. Implementation of Digital Field Medical Clinic Under Wireless Network Based on HIS Page:—
95. Selection of Information Sharing Standards and Scheme for Regional Electronic Health Records Page:—
96. Development and Study of Associative Memory Neural Network Page:—
97. Creation of PDF Files Using DataWindow Component of PowerBuilder Page:—
98. Design of Regional Cooperative Healthcare System Page:—
99. Protection of Sensitive Data in HIS by Using Oracle 10G R2 Page:—
100. Development of Performance Evaluation Testbed for PACS Page:—
101. Content-based Medical Image Retrieval Page:—
102. Study of USB Device Driver for Embedded Medical Equipment Based on Linux Page:—
103. Variational Model on Wavelet Domain for PET/CT Image Fusion Page:—
104. Discussion on How to Equip Backup Power for Medical Equipment in Hospital Page:—
105. Interface Technology of Ferroelectric Memory and DSP Page:—
106. Function and Quality Control of Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope Page:—
107. Best Operation Mode of AP-960 Full-automated ELISA System Page:—
108. Application of Long-range Electrocardio-monitoring System to Aged People Outside Hospital Page:—
109. Effect of Negative Pressure Vacuum Air Cushion in Precise Radiotherapy Page:—
110. Problems and Countermeasures in Managing Implanted Medical Devices Page:—
111. Development of Intermittent Type Treatment Instrument for Cervical Vertebra Page:—
112. Digitalization of Ordinary Gastrointestinal Machine Page:—
113. Setting of Telephone Alarm Device in Attraction System of Automatic Control Center Page:—
114. Development of Simple Photographic Device for Field Battle Page:—
115. Development of Optometer Controlled by Micro-computer Page:—
116. Development of Plateau Emergency Medical Treatment System Mounted on Helicopter Page:—
117. Application of Telemedicine Consultation Vehicle in Field Medical Training Page:—
118. Preliminary Scanning Study of MR Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Rabbit VX2 Liver Tumor Models Page:—
119. Clinical Application of Self-developed Scavenger for Waste Anesthetic Gases Removal Page:—
120. Gastric Impedance Signal Analysis Based on Wavelet Transform and Stein Unbiased Risk Estimation Rule Page:—
121. Image Processing Technology in TCM Tongue Characterization Page:—
122. Study on Experimental Platform Construction of BME Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center Page:—
123. Discussion and Application of Medical Matrix on Internet Page:—
124. Innovative Practice of Biomedical Engineering in Clinic Page:—
125. Expansion and Related Issues of High-containment Bio-defense Research Laboratory in USA Page:—
126. Comparison and Choice of Type of Payment for Medical Treatment Equipment Foreign Business Page:—
127. Analysis of Occupation Pressure Confronted by Medical Material Purchasing Agents Under New Situation Page:—
128. Construction and Application of Computer System in Radiology Department of Medium and Small Hospitals Page:—
129. Composition and Application Maintenance of Rail-type Logistics Transmission System in Hospital Page:—
130. Study on Optimization Integration of Army Literature Information Resource Page:—
131. Development and Application of Self-help Report Printing System in Inspection Process Page:—
132. Design and Usage of Mobile Doctor-Nurse Workstation In Medical Treatment Team Based On 2D Barcode Page:—
133. Application and Comprehension of Configurable Electronic Medical Record Page:—
134. Present Situation and Related Recommendations of Domestic and Abroad Network Security Problems Page:—
135. Design and Research of Clinical Medicine Training Visual Simulation System Based on Multigen/Vega Page:—
136. Extraction of Liver Focal Lesions in Abdominal CT Image Based on Local OTSU and Zone Market Screening Page:—
137. Construction and Application of the Health Examination Information System Page:—
138. Study on Optimization Subsystem of Cost Accounting in Sanatorium Branch Page:—
139. Application of Multiple Data Formats in Management Information System Page:—
140. Development of Hospital EMR with IHE XDS Technical Framework in Clinical Practice Page:—
141. Design and Development of Medical Equipment Selection System(MESS) Page:—
142. Research and Application of MRI Correction in Stereotactic Radiotherapy Page:—
143. Performance Research of Gray-scale Image Registration Algorithm in Radiotherapy Page:—
144. Development of Telemedicine System in Community Medical Care Page:—
145. Review and Discussion of QA Detection of Modern Medical Equipment Page:—
146. Strategy of Service and Maintenance of Large-scale Medical Equipment Page:—
147. Scientific Use of Large-scale Equipment and Benefit Analysis in Radiotherapy Department Page:—
148. Sealed Design of Key Nodes of Building Enclosure for Biosafety Laboratories Page:—
149. Design of Electric Stimulator of Cell Culture Page:—
150. Application of "Three-step training and Two-part Examination" in Utilization and Training of Defibrillator Page:—
151. Discussion on Countermeasures of Research and Management on Basic Medical Equipment in Military Hospital Page:—
152. Fixed and Expanded of Medical Equipments on Warships Page:—
153. Application of Diffusion-weighted Imaging in Some Brain Lesions Page:—
154. Management and Maintenance of Readiness Medical Equipment in Military Hospital Page:—
155. Existing Problems and Strategies of Medical Equipment Management in CPAPF's Hospitals Page:—
156. Application of Wounded Information Collection and Analysis Equipment Page:—
157. Design and Production of Liquid Level Control System in Field Page:—
158. Design and Implementation of Medical Expenses Statistics and Verification System in Outpatient Department of Military Hospital Page:—
159. Development and Design of Simulation System for Medical Treatments on Hospital Ship Page:—
160. Application of Non-breathholding Photography Technology in Angiography Page:—
161. Contrast Study of CT Image Quality in Two Different High-pressure Syringe Ways Page:—
162. Technology and Application of Dual-source CT Urography Page:—
163. CT/MRI Diagnosis and Clinical Manifestations of Liver Tumors in Child Page:—
164. Accurate Measurement of Automated Sphygmomanometer Page:—
165. Strengthen Security Cognitive Concepts of Equipment Cleaning Staff in Supply Room Page:—
166. Function Location and Development of Clinic Medical Engineering Page:—
167. Exploration on Management Technological Specification of Medical Equipment Page:—
168. Discussion of Medical Equipment Assets Check and Management Question Page:—
169. Discussion on Compulsory Matching Security Equipment of Biosafety Laboratory Page:—
170. Temperature Control and Surface Cooler Reform in Operating Room Air Decontamination System Page:—
171. Observation and contrast of anaerobe culturing result using three kinds of device Page:—
172. Comparison between overthick and overthin X ray film Page:—
173. Thighbone and cervical bone fraction internal fixing guide pin director Page:—
174. The 8 millimeter wave therapeutic apparatus Page:—
175. The simple device for measuring the tension and the strength of a healed wound Page:—
176. CGEM 2000 cerebrograph imaging system Page:—
177. Discussion on Medical Equipment Management in Basic Unit Army Page:—