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Volume: Issue: 9

1. Development of portable medicine coffer for medical support Page:27—30
2. Network upgrade for PACS Page:58—62
3. Development and application of quality control system of ECG monitor Page:69—71
4. Application of three-dimensional computed tomography reconstruction in costal cartilage fracture Page:84—86
5. CT imaging for diagnosis of thoracic sarcoidosis Page:87—89
6. Study on type selection of ambulance helicopter Page:20—23
7. Development of practical and low-cost instrument for protein purification Page:31—33
8. Development of new-type portable composite emergency treatment device with multi functions Page:34—37
9. Application of Delphi method in modular allocation of emergency medical equipment Page:44—46
10. Development and application of modular handling platform for field medical chest or backpack Page:47—48
11. Design of military hospital bonus accounting system based on B/S architecture Page:66—68
12. Design of inpatient charging management system Page:72—74
13. MRI diagnosis of closed ruptures of achilles tendon Page:75—77
14. Study on high-fluorescent cell for screening malignant hydrothorax or ascites Page:78—80
15. Measurement uncertainty evaluation of 23 clinical biochemical items by top-down method Page:95—97
16. High-value medical consumables informatized management based on two-dimensional barcode Page:135—137
17. Present situation and application control of hospital medical devices Page:138—140
18. Undergraduate thesis project in major of biomedical engineering Page:141—143
19. Design of electromagnetic compatibility in shelter hospital system Page:1—5
20. Novel method to simulate micro-motion of human body surface via precision linear module Page:6—9
21. Experimental study on effects of different breathing modes on separation of bioradar signals Page:38—40
22. Investigation on optimized dispatch strategy in emergency medical rescue mission Page:41—43
23. Practice of quality control of cardiac defibrillator-monitor Page:98—100
24. Functional electrospinning nanofibers in protection clothing for biological and chemical warfare agents Page:107—111
25. Improvement of illumination equipment of portable video monocular telescope for near observation Page:114—116
26. Medical equipment operation training in military hospital Page:120—122
27. Methods and principles for coding of stock materials Page:123—125
28. Influences of sterile injector on infusion precision of syringe pump Page:126—128
29. Periodical quality control and testing of medical equipment Page:101—103
30. Equipment department management information system based on B/S architecture:consumables supermarket management Page:129—132
31. Rapid 3D reconstruction based on wiggle stereoscopy for cerebrovascular CT images Page:24—26,46
32. Daily management of medical equipment in shelter hospital of CAPF Page:133—134,143
33. MRI diagnosis of breast cancer Page:104—106,111
34. Spatial resolution evaluation of 64-slice helical computed tomography Page:93—94,100
35. Comparison and clinical acceptability estimation of myocardial enzyme spectrum detection results by two systems Page:90—92,154
36. Diagnostic value of magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography in low choledochal joint and its complications Page:81—83,125
37. Analysis and application of TCM data preprocessing method based on Apriori algorithm Page:55—57,132
38. Design of sphygmomanometer detecting worktable and its clinical application Page:53—54,68
39. Development of portable oxygen moisture bottle Page:49—50,116
40. Research on velocity difference between specifications and categories of liquid with pressure infusion Page:17—19,37
41. Finite element model and modal analysis of CT shelter based on ANSYS Page:14—16,30
42. Development of standard defibrillation energy source Page:10—13,33
43. Employment analysis of graduates in biomedical engineering specialty Page:144—146,152
44. Operation and maintenance of clean operating department Page:117—119,128
45. Adaptability of S95-100 field mobile medical system in case of rush entry into plateau Page:112—113,122
46. Optimization design of prescription dispensing inquiry of No.1 Military Medical Project Page:63—65,89
47. Design and application of mobile device for infants appeasing Page:51—52,62