WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Virology> 2010> 26> 4

Volume: 26 Issue: 4

1. Research advances on herpervirus gI gene and its encoding protein. Page:340—344
2. The research and application of inhibitory effect of RNA-based strategies on SARS. Page:336—339
3. Construction of an infectious clone of pseudorabies virus strain ZJ genome maintained as a bacterial artificial chromosome. Page:330—335
4. Genome sequencing and analysis of a peste des petits ruminants virus isolate, China/Tib/07. Page:322—329
5. Construction and sequencing of full-length cDNA of peste des petits ruminants virus. Page:315—321
6. Sequence analysis of the matrix protein and fusion protein genes of a field peste des petits ruminants virus strain from Tibet, China. Page:305—314
7. Genome sequencing and genetic analysis of a natural reassortant H5N1 subtype avian influenza virus possessing H9N2 internal genes. Page:298—304
8. Consecutive five-year follow-up analysis of specific IgG antibody of 22 cases of SARS patients after recovery. Page:295—297
9. Distribution of HIV-1 subtype and prevalence of HIV-1 drug resistance in Liuzhou and Nanning. Page:290—294
10. Complete genome sequence of Coxsackievirus B5 (CVB5/09) strain isolated in China and its phylogenetic analysis. Page:283—289
11. Construction of a dual-luciferase co-expression vector and its characteristics in vitro and in vivo. Page:276—282
12. The development of neutralizing human antibodies against rabies virus. Page:271—275
13. Studies on the biological and genetic characteristics of a highly neurovirulent Japanese encephalitis virus strain SA4. Page:265—270