WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Virology> 2010> 26> 3

Volume: 26 Issue: 3

1. A mucosal immune cells homing and infection of HIV. Page:260—264
2. Genetic diversity of porcine sapoviruses from Lulong county in China. Page:255—259
3. Comparisons of different methods for virus-elimination of edible fungi. Page:249—254
4. ShRNA against NSP4 gene inhibits the proliferation of bovine rotavirus in vitro. Page:244—248
5. Genome sequencing and analysis of the bovine viral diarrhea virus-2 strain JZ05-1 isolated in China. Page:238—243
6. Seroepidemiological survey of sheep hepatitis E virus infection in Aksu region of Xinjiang Autonomous. Page:234—237
7. Molecular basis of one-way serological reaction between SINV and XJ-160 virus. Page:228—233
8. The enhancement of DNA binding ability of a mutated E2 (A338V) protein of HPV-2. Page:223—227
9. Construction and identification of recombinant adeno-associated virus expressing siRNA. Page:216—222
10. Expression and immunity of multi-HIV B'/C subype genes in replicating DNA vaccines. Page:208—215
11. Molecular epidemiological characteristics of norovirus gastroenteritis outbreaks in Guangdong from 2005 to 2008. Page:202—207
12. Analysis of full-length gene sequence of a rabies vaccine strain CTN-1 for human use in China. Page:195—201
13. Construction, expression and immunogenicity analysis of a fusion protein containing M2e of influenza A virus fused to a modified Pseudomonas aeruginosa exotoxin A. Page:189—194
14. Molecular analysis of an avian influenza virus isolate of H5N2 subtype from parrot. Page:183—188
15. Cloning and analysis of full-length genes of a H9N2 subtype avian influenza virus isolated from Guangdong. Page:176—182
16. DNA vaccination via in vivo electroporation can elicit specific immune response against highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza viral structural antigens in mice. Page:170—175
17. SiRNA targeting ICP4 attenuates HSV-1 replication. Page:163—169