WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Virology> 2010> 26> 1

Volume: 26 Issue: 1

1. Research advances on anti-apoptosis effect of herpes simplex virus latency-associated transcripts. Page:76—79
2. A novel innate antiviral factor-tetherin. Page:71—75
3. Construction of eukaryotic expression vector of general type in reverse genetic systems of non-segmented negative strand RNA virus. Page:65—70
4. Comparison of plaque-forming characteristics and morphogenetic changes of Newcastle disease virus isolated from chickens and geese on host cells. Page:58—64
5. Isolation and identification of a subgroup B avian leukosis virus from chickens of Chinese native breed Luhua. Page:53—57
6. Sequencing and analysis of complete genome of rabies viruses isolated from Chinese Ferret-Badger and dog in Zhejiang province. Page:45—52
7. Quasispecies investigation on swine hepatitis E viruses. Page:40—44
8. Establishment of a fluorescent real-time quantitative RT-PCR assay for detection of genotype 4 hepatitis E virus in swine stools. Page:33—39
9. Detection and sequences analysis of bovine hepatitis E virus RNA in Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Page:27—32
10. Immunosuppressant dexamethasone can significantly extend the expression of hepatitis B virus antigens in the HBV mouse model by hydrodynamic transfection method. Page:20—26
11. Identification and genetic characterization of human enterovirus type 73, 75, and 97 strains of specie B isolated in Shandong province. Page:16—19
12. Construction of highly effective artifical miRNA targeted to HIV-1 vif and the lentiviral-mediated antiviral research in vitro. Page:8—15
13. Toll-like receptors expression in the lungs of human metapneumovirus infected mice and the effects of polyI:C on viral infection. Page:1—7