WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Mental Health Journal> 2018> 32

Volume: 32

1. A case of Huntington disease first presenting with psychotic symptoms Page:101—105
2. Development of mental health service agencies in Shanghai Page:95—100
3. A case study on effects of Satir Model group counseling in reducing roommate conflicts among high school students Page:215—219
4. Influence of "Mental Health Law of the People's Republic of China" on psychological counseling in colleges and universities: An interview study on the heads of psychological counseling centers in colleges and universities in Beijing Page:220—226
5. A preliminary interview on counselor's decision making of breaking confidentiality about self-inflicted injury and suicide in college situation Page:227—232
6. A qualitative research of grief process after lovelorn in college students Page:233—238
7. Effect of self-control training on depressive disorders in college students Page:89—94
8. A systematic review of effectiveness of interventions on patient trust Page:245—251
9. Two-year prospective study of natural course and risk factors of depressive symptoms in college students Page:64—71
10. Correlations among childhood trauma, autistic traits and dysexecutive functions in college students Page:58—63
11. Depression and life satisfaction among residential elderly in Xiamen city,China and Daejeon city, Korea Page:49—54
12. Depression emotion and its related factors among rural elderly during urbanization Page:43—48
13. Related factors of aggressive behavior among school aged children in Nanjing Page:37—42
14. Sleep problem and related factors in children with autism Page:30—36
15. A systematic review of randomized controlled trial of resilience intervention in patients with cancer Page:289—293
16. A review of family and parenting interventions in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder Page:24—29
17. A qualitative research of leaders' intervention intensions in process of unstructured group counseling Page:300—305
18. A review of competencies of community mental health service providers of different professional backgrounds Page:306—313
19. Validity and reliability of the Perceived Stress Scale among cancer survivors Page:15—20
20. Sleep quality before treatment and related factors in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma Page:319—323
21. A meta-analysis of mindfulness-based stress reduction for improving symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder Page:7—14
22. Characteristic of social perception and theory of mind in patients with early onset schizophrenia with high functioning and low functioning Page:1—6
23. A case-control study on dating violence among gay men in Guangzhou Page:335—338
24. Relationship among optimism, entrepreneurial failure fear and entrepreneurial intention in college students Page:339—343
25. Academic procrastination status and related factors of undergraduates from a university in Guangzhou Page:344—349
26. Treatment moderators of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy for depressive disorders: A systematic review Page:200—206
27. Virtual reality-based exposure therapy for anxiety disorders: A meta-analysis for randomized controlled trials Page:191—199
28. School counselors' attitude and decision-making towards dual relationship and confidentiality situations in counseling Page:185—190
29. Boundary issues and multiple relationships: Counselors' attitudes and behaviors regarding the use of WeChat Page:177—184
30. A preliminary study of validity and reliability of the Chinese version of the Parental Psychological Flexibility Questionnaire Page:166—173
31. Validity and reliability of the Chinese Version of the University of California at Los Angeles Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Reaction Index for DSM-Ⅳ (Revision 1, Children version) Page:160—165
32. Relationship between emotional intelligence and life satisfaction in military personnel:Multiple mediating effects of positive and negative affect Page:155—159
33. Mental health status and internet-surfing behavior among rural adolescents Page:148—154
34. Relationship of belief in a just world with depression and anxiety in migrant children and left-behind children Page:142—147
35. Relationship between social support and life satisfaction among the rural elderly: Mediating effect and moderating effect Page:136—141
36. A review of effects of disrupted primary caregiver infant relationship on brain development and psychopathology Page:130—135
37. Association of AKT1 gene polymorphisms with therapeutic effects of 8-week treatment with risperidone Page:125—129
38. Relation of self-esteem to suicide knowledge and attitudes toward suicide in village physicians Page:118—124
39. Cognitive functions in patients with depressive disorder,hyperlipidemia disorder, and comorbid both of the disorders Page:112—117
40. A systematic review of intervention effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction on irritable bowel syndrome Page:106—111
41. Cognitive and behavioral case conceptualization report of a case with obsessive-compulsive disorder Page:207—214
42. A qualitative research of leaders' intervention techniques in process of unstructured group counseling Page:239—244
43. A case-control study of cognitive impairment and related factors among elderly patients Page:252—258
44. Association study of gamma-aminobutyric acid type A receptor genes cluster with autism in Chinese Han population Page:83—88
45. Validity and reliability of the Chinese Version Scale of Social Skill for Nursing Page:78—82
46. Relations of job satisfaction to emotional intelligence and emotional labor in bus drivers Page:72—77
47. Relation of social anxiety to self-focused attention and interpersonal needs in college students Page:259—264
48. Ethical issues surrounding counselors' use of social media Page:265—270
49. A cross-sectional study of supervision in Shanghai mental health service industry Page:271—277
50. Counselors' clinical practice competence in Henan Province Page:278—282
51. Effect of peer support system on social anxiety and resilience among new graduate nurses Page:283—288
52. Cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety disorder: A case report based on conceptualization Page:294—299
53. Acceptance of disability and related factors in patients with ischemic stroke Page:314—318
54. A review of α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and schizophrenia cognition Page:324—328
55. Relationship between Quality of life and caregiver burden among primary caregivers of adolescents with depression Page:329—334