WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Mental Health Journal> 2018> 32> 4

Volume: 32 Issue: 4

1. Ethical issues surrounding counselors' use of social media Page:265—270
2. A cross-sectional study of supervision in Shanghai mental health service industry Page:271—277
3. Counselors' clinical practice competence in Henan Province Page:278—282
4. Effect of peer support system on social anxiety and resilience among new graduate nurses Page:283—288
5. A systematic review of randomized controlled trial of resilience intervention in patients with cancer Page:289—293
6. Cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety disorder: A case report based on conceptualization Page:294—299
7. A qualitative research of leaders' intervention intensions in process of unstructured group counseling Page:300—305
8. A review of competencies of community mental health service providers of different professional backgrounds Page:306—313
9. Acceptance of disability and related factors in patients with ischemic stroke Page:314—318
10. Sleep quality before treatment and related factors in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma Page:319—323
11. A review of α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and schizophrenia cognition Page:324—328
12. Relationship between Quality of life and caregiver burden among primary caregivers of adolescents with depression Page:329—334
13. A case-control study on dating violence among gay men in Guangzhou Page:335—338
14. Relationship among optimism, entrepreneurial failure fear and entrepreneurial intention in college students Page:339—343
15. Academic procrastination status and related factors of undergraduates from a university in Guangzhou Page:344—349