WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Mental Health Journal> 2018> 32> 3

Volume: 32 Issue: 3

1. Boundary issues and multiple relationships: Counselors' attitudes and behaviors regarding the use of WeChat Page:177—184
2. School counselors' attitude and decision-making towards dual relationship and confidentiality situations in counseling Page:185—190
3. Virtual reality-based exposure therapy for anxiety disorders: A meta-analysis for randomized controlled trials Page:191—199
4. Treatment moderators of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy for depressive disorders: A systematic review Page:200—206
5. Cognitive and behavioral case conceptualization report of a case with obsessive-compulsive disorder Page:207—214
6. A case study on effects of Satir Model group counseling in reducing roommate conflicts among high school students Page:215—219
7. Influence of "Mental Health Law of the People's Republic of China" on psychological counseling in colleges and universities: An interview study on the heads of psychological counseling centers in colleges and universities in Beijing Page:220—226
8. A preliminary interview on counselor's decision making of breaking confidentiality about self-inflicted injury and suicide in college situation Page:227—232
9. A qualitative research of grief process after lovelorn in college students Page:233—238
10. A qualitative research of leaders' intervention techniques in process of unstructured group counseling Page:239—244
11. A systematic review of effectiveness of interventions on patient trust Page:245—251
12. A case-control study of cognitive impairment and related factors among elderly patients Page:252—258
13. Relation of social anxiety to self-focused attention and interpersonal needs in college students Page:259—264