WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Mental Health Journal> 1991> 0> 04

Volume: 0 Issue: 04

1. A Comparative study on IQ,social adjustment and behavioral problems of 9—11 years old school children with learning difficulty Page:—
2. Cross-national study on the EEG of school children with behavioral problems and ADD—H from China,Japan and South Korea Page:—
3. Investigation of coping styles in patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome Page:—
4. Attitude Of Medical Students to Dying and Death Page:—
5. Neuropsychological Tests in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis Page:—
6. Intelligence Test on Neurotics with WAIS-RC Page:—
7. Neuroses in Medical Students Page:—
8. The Relation between Maternal Behavior and Behavior problem of their Children Page:—
9. A Follow-up Study of Suicide Attemptors Page:—
10. Psychological Selection of Pilots in Civil Aviation with Uchida-Kraepelin Test Page:—
11. Applicability of MMSE in West China: who is more suitable Page:—
12. Behavior Problems in Children with Amblyopia Page:—
13. Effect of Cognitive Operation on Pain Threshold and Pain To lerance Page:—
14. Psychomotor Ability of Children with Behavior Problems Page:—
15. The Themes and Symbolic Interpretation in Sand Play of Undergraduates Page:—
16. Counseling Model of Medical Students Page:—
17. Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Mental Health Scale for Primary School Students Page:—
18. Effect of Sertraline in Treatment of Dysthymia Page:—
19. Discriminating schizophrenia with combination of multiple tests:a pilot study Page:—
20. Psychosocial Factors of Depression in Late Life Page:—
21. Behavior Problems of Children with Tourette Syndrome and Related Family Factors Page:—
22. Cognitive Function in Children with Learning Disorder Page:—
23. Early Intervention on Intelligent Development of Premature Infants Page:—
24. Early Intervention on Psychosocial Development of Children in Single Child Family Page:—
25. Coping Strategies of College Students during Exam Period Page:—
26. Comparison of Efficacy between Paroxetine and Estazolam on Chronic Insomnia Page:—
27. Sexual Behavior of High School Students Page:—
28. EEG Biofeedback Treatment on ADHD Children with Comorbid Tic Disorder Page:—
29. Behavior Characters of ODD Children with ADHD Symptoms Page:—
30. Cognitiive Features of Middle School Students with Test Anxiety Page:—
31. The Subjective Well-being of the Chronic Inpatients and Its Influential Factors Page:—
32. The Relationship between Behavior Types and Plasminogen Activation System in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease Page:—
33. Symptomatology of Cluster-B Personality Disorders from the Five-Factor Model Perspective Page:—
34. The Prevalence of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder in Female College Students Page:—
35. The Development of Digit, Verbal and Spatial Working Memory Span in Adults Page:—
36. Family Ecosystems of High School Students at Different Levels of Tolerance of Perceived Learning Stress Page:—
37. Epidemiological Study on Subtypes of ADHD of Children Aged 4-16 Years Old in Wuhan Page:—
38. Human Parvovirus B_ 19 and Immune Function in Children with Tic Disorder Page:—
39. The Clinical Characteristics of Chinese Children with Reading Disorder Page:—
40. Effects of Psychosocial Intervention on Quality of Life of Students in Key High School Page:—
41. Effect of Comprehensive Intervention on Parental Rearing Behavior of Key Middle School Students Page:—
42. Burdens of Spouse Caregivers of Patients with Dementia at Home Page:—
43. The Effects of Group Counseling on Internet-Dependent College Students Page:—
44. Prospective Study on the Relationship between Social Support and Internet Addiction Page:—
45. A Case-Control Study of Cognitive Function of Internet Addicts Page:—
46. Study of the Occupational Stress Norm and its Application in Southwest China Page:—
47. The Development of Personality Disorder Inventory for Undergraduates Page:—
48. Analysis of the Heart Rate Variability of Normal Young Men in the Process of EMG Biofeedback Page:—
49. Comparison of Influential Factors for Depressive Symptoms among Primary School Students in Hefei and Shenzhen Page:—
50. Reliability and Validity of Communication Apprehension Scale in College Students Page:—
51. Relationship between Parental Rearing Pattern and Subjective Quality of Life in Children with Asthma Page:—
52. A Survey on Sleep Quality of the People Aged over 18-years-old in Hebei Province Page:—
53. Comprehensive study on behavioral problems in school children (Ⅲ):The results of EEG and urine MHPG SO_4 assessment Page:—
54. Maladjustment and Attitude towards Help of Middle School Students Page:—