Volume: 25 Issue: 3

1. Investigation on Medicinal Plant Group and Resource of Sect. Euthya Medicinal Plants in Paris L. from Shaanxi Province Page:1—6
2. Current Situation of TCM Human Resources Distribution and Equity Research in China Page:7—11
3. New Thoughts for Development of Tibetan Medicine of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Page:12—15
4. Study on Clinical Consistency Evaluation in TCM Practice Guidelines for Prevention and Treatment of Biqiu (Allergic Rhinitis) Page:16—18
5. Clinical Study on TCM Foot bath in Adjuvant Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes Lower-extremity Peripheral Arterial Disease Page:19—24
6. Effects of Jiangzhi Xiaoban Tablets Facilitating Routine Western Medicine Therapy on Coronary Plaque and Inflammatory Factors of Coronary Heart Disease Angina Page:25—29
7. Clinical Study on Tendons Layer Overall Release Treatment by Needle Knife for Third Lumbar Transverse Process Syndrome Page:30—33
8. Clinical Study on Modified Xiaoqinglong Decoction with Bladder Meridian Ginger Treatment for Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease of External Cold and Internal Fluid Page:34—37
9. Clinical Study on Treating Acute Facial Neuritis with Tube Moxibustion Therapy Combined with Routine Acupuncture Treatment Page:38—41
10. Effects of Alcohol Extracts of Bark and Male Flower of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. on Airway Allergic Inflammation of Model Mice Page:42—47
11. Study on Response of TRPV1 Sensitive Neurons in Spinal Cord under Moxibustion of Different Temperatures Page:48—52
12. Study of Acute Toxicity Different Extraction Parts of Aconitum sinomontanum Nakai on Mice Page:53—57
13. Effects of Bushen Huoxue Acupuncture Method on Proteomics Expression in Amygdaloid Tissue of SAMP8 Page:58—63
14. Effects of Warming Acupuncture Therapy on Expressions of IL-6 and SOCS3 in Spinal Cord in Rats with Neuropathic Pain Page:64—67
15. Quality Control of Realgar in Compound Huanglian Ointment Page:68—71
16. Effects of Drought Stress on Physiological Characteristics of Codonopsis Radix Page:72—76
17. Study on Quality Standard of Yiwei Xiaoyu Granules Page:77—80
18. Study on Cellular Uptake Mechanism of HepG2.2.15 Cells to Nanoparticles Co-loaded with Syringopicroside and Hydroxytyrosol Page:81—85
19. Pharmacokinetic Features of Reactive Sulfide in Plasma of Rats After Oral Administration of Cinnabaris by Using HPLC Coupled with Pre-column Derivatization Page:86—89
20. Content Determination of As and Hg of Lilium Lancifolium Samples from Longshan County by AFS Page:90—93
21. Isolation and Content Determination of Hydrangenol in Leaves of Hedyotis Hedyotidea (DC) Merr by HPLC Page:94—97
22. Characteristics of TCM Syndromes of Death in Patients with Malignant Gastric Tumor:A Real-world Study Based on Hospital Information System Page:98—101
23. Application Research on BP Algorithm in Pulse Recognition Based on Hadoop Environment Page:102—106
24. Systematic Review on Treatment of Perimenopausal Syndrome with Electroacupuncture and Hormone Replacement Therapy Page:107—111
25. Thoughts of TCM Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment of Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy Page:112—114
26. Treatment of Post-stroke Paralytic Ileus by Combining Lai's Tongyuan Needling Treatment with Fuzi Lizhong Decoction Page:115—118
27. Discussion on TCM Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis from DENG Tietao's Ruangan Decoction Page:119—120
28. Discussion on Professor WU Liang-cun's Experience in Treating Primary Hepatic Carcinoma with Enriching Water to Nourish Wood Method Page:121—122
29. A Summary and Reflection upon LI Li-yun's Treatment Experience in Infertility Caused by Uterine Factors Page:123—124
30. Analysis on Adverse Drug Reactions of 43 Cases of Lentinan Injectionon and Discussion on Safety Medication Page:125—127
31. Study on Construction of Practice Ability Index System of TCM Prevention Health Major Degree through Delphi Method Page:128—131
32. Research Progress in TCM Pulse Diagnosis Page:132—135
33. Research Progress in Pharmacological Effects and Clinical Study of Salvia Plebeia Page:136—140