Volume: 23 Issue: 6

1. Simultaneous Determination of Quercetin and Kaempferol inKaempferia Galanga L. by HPLC Page:77—79
2. Effects of Baicalin on iNOS, NF-κB and Caspase-3 in Liver Ischemia Reperfusion Injury Rats Page:60—63
3. Research on Saliva Biochemical Changes about “Normal Constitution - Kidney Deficiency Constitution - Kidney Deficiency Syndrome” Page:47—50
4. Effects of siRNA Silenced ERK1/2 Gene Collaborated withJiakangning Capsules on FRTL-5 Proliferation Page:43—46
5. Study on Medication Regularity of Li Dong Yuan Based on Data Mining Page:39—42
6. Analysis on the Characteristics of Urinary Microalbumin/Creatinine Ratio in Central Obesity Hypertension and Its Correlation with Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndromes Page:19—22
7. Discussion on Establishment and Evaluation of Ulcerative Colitis Animal Models with Spleen-kidney Yang Deficiency Pattern Based on the Theory of “Combination of Disease with Syndrome” Page:16—18
8. Study on Fuzzy Mathematical Algorithm Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine Pulse Diagnosis Page:1—4
9. Application Status of Phytotherapy for Prevention and Treatment of Chemotherapy Induced Phlebitis Page:134—136
10. Clinical Research Progress in TCM Treatment for Chronic Glomerulonephritis Page:130—133
11. Application of Modernized Tongue Diagnosis in Clinical Research Page:119—122
12. Application of Deming Cycle in Reducing Adverse Drug Reactions Induced by Injections of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:116—118
13. Exploration of Deoxyschizandrin Metabolic Processes in Vivo Based on Blood Microdialysis Page:99—102
14. Study on Quality Evaluation of Hedysari Radix from Different Producing Areas in Gansu Province Based on the Contents of 12 Trace Elements Page:92—98
15. Content Determination of Total Iridoid Compounds and Baldrinal and 11-ethoxyviburtinal from Valerianae Jatamansi Rhizoma et Radix Page:88—91
16. Comparative Study on Chemical Ingredients and Angiogenesis Effects for Different Compatibility Proportions ofDanggui Buxue Decoction Page:83—87
17. Study on Application Effect of TCM Constitution Recognition on Health Management for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Page:31—34
18. Effects of Ultra-filtration Extract from Angelica Sinensis Radix and Hedysari Radix on PC12 Cell Apoptosis Induced by H2O2 Page:68—72
19. Effects of Emodin on Migration and Invasion Ability and Expressions of E-cadherin and Slugof Human Hepatoma Cell Lines HepG2 Page:64—67
20. Effects ofYushen Zhuyun Prescription on Ovarian Morphology and Sex Hormone of Rats with Decreased Ovarian Reservation Induced by Tripterygium Glycosides Page:56—59
21. Anti-proliferative Effect of TanshinoneⅡA on Cervical Squamous Cancer Cells and Its Estrogen Receptor Subtype Mediated Mechanism Page:51—55
22. Clinical Study on ModifiedYigongsan Formula Combined with Aidi-injection in the Treatment of Advanced Gastric Cancer Page:35—38
23. Investigation of TCM Constitutions and Relevant Syndrome Study on Patients with Hormone-dependent Breast Cancer Page:27—30
24. Clinical Study onErxian Decoction Combined with Elcatonin in the Treatment of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis Page:23—26
25. Discussion on Several Problems in Clinical Evaluation of New Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:14—15
26. Analysis on the Economic Operation and Development Status of County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals in Chongqing from 2012 to 2014 Page:9—13
27. Investigation of Mental Health of Fresh TCM Graduate Students and Analysis on Influence Factors Page:5—8
28. Research Review on the Estrogen Activity of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Page:123—129,130
29. Content Determination of Diosgenin in Paridis Rhizoma Medicinal Plants in Different Habitats of Three Gorges Reservoir Page:80—82,83