WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Emergency Medicine> 2018> 27> 8

Volume: 27 Issue: 8

1. The effects of full marathon on hemodynamics related to cardiac electrophysiology of marathon amateurs Page:854—858
2. First aid cardiopulmonary resuscitation at the exit of capsule and strategy coping with the "Shenzhou 11"spacecraft Page:859—863
3. Early enteral nutrition support dose selection in critically ill patients: a Meta analysis Page:866—871
4. Application of enteral nutrition sequential therapy in patients with severe cerebrovascular disease Page:872—875
5. Effect of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-1 siRNA on endothelial cells injury induced by septic serum Page:876—880
6. The role of erlotinib in the acute lung injury and the expression of surfactant protein A Page:881—886
7. Evaluation of diaphragmatic dysfunction after surgical treatment of type A aortic dissection by ultrasound: incidence, risk factors and influence on outcomes Page:887—892
8. The effect of out-hospital standardized anticoagulation treatment on the recurrence of acute pulmonary thromboembolis in patients with high risk of coagulation Page:893—900
9. Establishing intraosseous access and central intravenous line placement in critically ill patients: a randomized controlled study Page:901—904
10. A clinical study of sepsis-related coagulation disorder Page:905—911
11. The effect of ulinastatin on treatment of severe acute pancreatitis : a Meta-analysis Page:912—917
12. Key factors affecting the correlation between improving work efficiency and emergency department overcrowding in the tertiary level A hospitals Page:943—948
13. Present situation about the medical resources used for emergency patients with medical insurance in China based on analysis of large numbers of data Page:949—954