WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Emergency Medicine> 2018> 27> 5

Volume: 27 Issue: 5

1. The features of serum K+variation in swine with traumatic hemorrhagic shock within the dry-heat environment Page:480—485
2. Predictive value of D-dimer coupled with injury severity score in prognosis of trauma patients Page:486—491
3. Effects of heating intravenous fluid infusion and blood transfusion based on guidelines in sever trauma patients with hypothermia Page:492—498
4. Study of the relationship between brain injury and glucose metabolism in rat model of cardiac arrest Page:502—506
5. Protective effect of GW3965 on PQ-induced acute lung injury in mice via inhibition of p38MAPK signal pathway Page:507—512
6. Model of cardiac arrest in rats established by modified transcutaneous electrical stimulation on epicardium Page:513—517
7. Analysis of effi cacy of treatment in 141 patients with high-risk acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding Page:518—523
8. The risk factors and prognosis of septic shock patients treated with fluid overload Page:524—528
9. The clinical significance of changes in plasma mitochondrial DNA in children with sepsis Page:529—535
10. The correlation between the changes of platelet monocyte aggregates in peripheral blood and ARDS in patients with sepsis Page:536—540
11. Clinical study of correlation between syncope and risk of death in patients with cardiovascular emergencies Page:541—547
12. Combined prednisone and partial root canal therapy for acute irreversible pulpitis in third molars:a randomized controlled trial Page:548—551