WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Emergency Medicine> 2018> 27> 12

Volume: 27 Issue: 12

1. The therapeutic effect of balloon-assisted coiling and stent-assisted coiling of ruptured intracranial aneurysms in the acute phase Page:1333—1336
2. The expression and clinical significance of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α in patients with traumatic brain injury Page:1337—1340
3. Roles of cerebral metabolic rate for oxygen in evaluating the prognosis of cerebral function after cardiopulmonary resuscitation Page:1341—1346
4. Myocardial apoptosis and anti-apoptotic mechanism of captopril on cardiac arrest after resuscitation of pulmonary embolism Page:1347—1354
5. The protective effect of Protectin DX on acute liver injury induced by sepsis in mice and the underlying mechanism Page:1355—1359
6. IL-6 /STAT-3 signaling pathway regulates the expression of high mobility group proteins 1 in intestinal mucosa of rats with sepsis Page:1360—1364
7. The regulation and gating mechanism of Cav1.2 current by KCNE1 subunit Page:1365—1369
8. Relationship between serum vascular endothelial cadherin level and prognosis of patients with septic shock Page:1370—1375
9. Effects of sufentanil on stress hormone and hemodynamic parameters in patients with sepsis in ICU Page:1376—1380
10. The predictive value of sFlt-1 combined with extravascular lung water index in severe pneumonia patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome complicated with septic shock Page:1381—1387
11. Effect of air mattress bed on the quality of hands-only chest compression Page:1388—1392
12. The study on the ratio of carotid artery/vein cross-sectional area measured by ultrasound to evaluate volume responsiveness Page:1393—1397