WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Emergency Medicine> 2016> 25> 8

Volume: 25 Issue: 8

1. Cytomegalovirus pneumonia in a patient with nephrotic syndrome Page:1095—1096
2. Modified Early Warning Score identifies out-of-hospital critical patients and predicts mortality Page:1089—1092
3. Clinical analysis and emergency interference on 294 cases of prehospital sudden death patients of Karamay City Page:1092—1095
4. Central nervous system infection as the main manifestation of mitochondrial myopathy: a case report Page:1096—1098
5. First aid need to strengthen the concept of three ‘ first’ Page:997—999
6. Establishment and evaluation of unscheduled second operation event early warning model for cerebral tumor Page:1066—1068
7. A case report of rhabdomyolysis caused by tripterygium wilfordii Page:1071—1072
8. The application of endovascular interventional minimally invasive techniques in peripheral vessel injury Page:1073—1075
9. The clinical value of thrombelastography in diagnosis and treatment of acute traumatic coagulopathy Page:1082—1086
10. Exploration and practice of the teaching model of overseas student internship in emergency department Page:1087—1088
11. Improvement in mushroom poisoning control is in urgent need Page:981—984
12. Impact of acute kidney injury on distant organ function Page:985—988
13. New choice of anticoagulants-new oral anticoagulants Page:989—996
14. The correlation between serum bilirubinlevels and instent-restenosis for coronary heart disease: an angiographic study Page:1031—1034
15. The predicting value of serum sST2 on condition and prognosis in elderly patients with acute heart failure Page:1035—1040
16. The clinic features of upper gastrointestinal bleeding among Hui-Nation patients admitted hospital on Ramadan Page:1041—1043
17. Evaluation of point-of-care testing for D-dimer in elderly patients Page:1049—1053
18. Application of intestinal fatty acid binding protein and blood procalcitonin for diagnosis of traumatic intestinal rupture in early stage Page:1054—1057
19. CTA signs for blunt thoracic aortic injury: a review of 37 cases Page:1062—1065
20. Effects of propofol on lung injury secondary to traumatic brain injury in rats Page:1022—1026
21. Evaluation and comparison of hypertrophy and heart failure induced by transverse aortic constriction with different degrees of stenosis of aorta Page:1027—1030
22. Prognostic value of procalcitonin in patients with acute paraquat intoxication Page:1044—1048
23. Treatment analysis of two case of amanita fuliginea poisoning Page:1016—
24. Decompressive laparotomy in the treatment of maternal disseminated or diffuse intravascular coagulation complicated with abdominal compartment syndrome Page:984—