WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Emergency Medicine> 2016> 25> 11

Volume: 25 Issue: 11

1. To further understand and make good use of the antidote is an issue for concern Page:1355—1357
2. Advances in the study of paraoxonase in organophosphate poisoning Page:1358—1360
3. Effects of methamphetamine acute exposure on neural damage Page:1393—1399
4. Analysis of related factors influencing the prognosis of patients with acute organic phosphorus poisoning complicated with intermediate syndrome Page:1406—1409
5. Application of multi-drug 10 panel screen test card in emergency patients with poisoning Page:1409—1411
6. The control effects of FLT3 signaling-dependent pulmonary conventional dendritic ceils on the initiation of acute lung inflammation response to lipopolysaccharide induced acute lung injury in mice Page:1412—1417
7. The present situation of acute poisoning in China: opportunities and challenges Page:1351—1354
8. Clinical efficacy and safety of Qingyi Decoction administered by nasojejunal tube for the treatment of severe acute pancreatitis Page:1439—1442
9. Value of heart-type fatty acid-binding protein in predicting prognosis of patients with sepsis Page:1443—1448
10. A case of Streptococcus infection of acute left lower limb compartment syndrome complicated toxic shock syndrome Page:1449—1451
11. The infection risk factors associated with the intracranial infections related to external ventricular drainage Page:1451—1454
12. Clinical analysis of 6 cases of acute atypical brucellosis Page:1455—1457
13. Effects of rosiglitazone on hyperlipidemic rats with severe acute pancreatitis secondary to lung injury Page:1418—1423
14. Effect of tight junction protein Occludin expression and permeability in blood-brain barrier of rats after heat stress Page:1424—1427
15. Role of AMP-activated protein kinase in protein regulation of endotoxemia rats Page:1427—1432
16. The effect of extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation on prognosis of adult patients with cardiac arrest: meta-analysis Page:1433—1438
17. Soft directional channel operative combined applying traditional Chinese medition and early rehabilitation therapy intervention treatment in patients with cerebral hemorrhage of clinical curative effect Page:1457—1461
18. "Case analysis of emergency medical rescue in "" 8 · 12"" special explosion accident in Tianjin Port" Page:1461—1463