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Volume: Issue: 2

1. The Effects of Aerobic Exercises on the Pulmonary Ventilation Function and Electrocardiac Activity of Simple Obesity Primary School Students Page:170—172,169
2. Isokinetic Assessment of Lower Extremities in Elite Fencers Page:163—166,169
3. Effect of Endurance Training on JAKs and SOCSs Expression of Left Ventricle Muscle in Rats Page:181—183,191
4. The Effects of Exercise- and Food Intake Restriction-induced Weight Loss on the Expression of Ghrelin in Plasma and Stomach of Obese Rats Page:184—187,216
5. Effect of HiHi and HiLo on the Lipid Metabolism in Rats Page:137—140
6. Effects of 'Living High-Training Low' on the Proliferative Capacity of Endothelial Progenitor Cells from Peripheral Blood of Rats Page:141—144
7. The Diagnosis and Treatment of Femoral Intercondylar Notch Non-Bony Impingement Syndrome: 15 Cases Report Page:153—157
8. A Comparison of Bone Mineral Density between Female Soccer Players and Sedentary College Students Page:167—169
9. Expression of Mitochondrial Motility-related Gene mirol during an Acute Bout of Prolonged Exercise Page:173—176
10. Upregulated Expression of FAT/CD36 in Skeletal Muscle Induced by Endurance Training and Its Correlation with Insulin Sensitivity Index in Rats Page:177—180
11. Effects of Acute Exhausted Exercise on the Myocardial HSP70 and Plasma ANP of Rats in a High Temperature Environment Page:188—191
12. Treatment of the Delayed/Nonunion of Scaphoid Fracture by Short-arm Cast Immobilization Leaving All the Metacarpophalangeal Joint Free Page:192—194
13. Relation of CAG Repeat Polymorphism of AR Gene in Men of Han Nationality from Northern China to the Effectiveness of Hypoxic Training Page:128—132
14. Association between VEGF Gene Polymorphism and Changes in Left Ventricular Function after HiHiLo Training in Men of Han Nationality from Northern China Page:133—136
15. Effect of Different Modes of Hypoxic Training on the Activities of Respiratory Chain Complexes in the Brain Mitochondria of Rats Page:145—148
16. Tunnel Position during the Single-bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction:A Study on 3D Measure Technique Page:158—162
17. An Equation of Calculating Oxygen Consumption of Physical Activity in Obese Children and Adolescents Page:217—220