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Volume: 55

1. Diagnosis and treatment of mouth breathing in children Page:3—8
2. Study on functional occlusal morphology by using three-dimensional printed diagnostic crown and functional generated path technology Page:9—14
3. Prognostic value of serum MIR4435-2HG in oral squamous cell carcinoma Page:15—19
4. Effects of quercetin on the dentin resistance to erosion Page:20—25
5. Effects of methacryloyloxydecyl dihydrogen phosphate on bond durability of zirconia Page:26—31
6. Effect of Porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharide on innate immune responses in bone-marrow derived macrophages and osteoclasts Page:32—37
7. Regenerative endodontics: clinical application status and future perspective Page:50—55
8. Factors associated with the outcome of osteogenesis in sinus floor elevation Page:56—61
9. Research progress in exosomes delivery in the jaw regeneration Page:62—66
10. Digital evaluation of supracrestal gingival thickness induced by periodontal regenerative and corticotomy surgery in patients with skeletal class Ⅲ malocclusion Page:73—79
11. Effects of interleukin-35 on the balance of helper T cell 17/regulatory T cell in peripheral blood of patients with oral lichen planus Page:80—85
12. Influential factors related to the long-term effect of periodontal-orthodontic treatment in patients with aggressive periodontitis and malocclusion Page:86—92
13. To evaluate the disk position of the temporomandibular joint using calcium suppressed spectral-based CT images in the patients with temporomandibular disorder Page:93—97
14. Correlation between cone-beam CT images of the third and fourth cervical vertebrae and age in female skeletal class Ⅰ patients aged between 9 and 17 years in Qingdao Page:98—103
15. Chlorhexidine-grafted coating to improve antibacterial property of the micro/nanoporous titanium surfaces Page:104—110
16. A novel surgical technique for neck neoplasms: endoscope-assisted resection of benign tumors via a small concealed incision Page:115—118
17. Current advances in research of burning mouth syndrome: biological nerve and social psychology patterns Page:123—128
18. Keratinized tissue augmentation techniques around dental implants Page:129—134
19. Progress in biomodification of dentin type Ⅰ collagen by different types of cross-linkers Page:135—138
20. The prevention and control of a new coronavirus infection in department of stomatology Page:E001—E001
21. Emergency management of prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia in departments of stomatology Page:E002—E002
22. Psychological intervention in oral patients in novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak period Page:E003—E003
23. Droplets and aerosols in dental clinics and prevention and control measures of infection Page:E004—E004
24. Guideline on operation of stainless steel crown for decidous teeth restoration. Page:551—554
25. Operational specification for clinical use of dental intraradicular fiber post. Page:461—465
26. Operational specifications for the cementation of porcelain laminate veneers. Page:373—377
27. Consensus recommendations from Chinese experts on the standard operation procedure of dental operative microscope in endodontics and operative dentistry. Page:333—336