WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Stomatology> 2011> 46> 8

Volume: 46 Issue: 8

1. Problem solving in ednodontic diseases: VII. Treatment planning for endodontic diseases. Page:510—512
2. Mammary serine proteinase inhibitor subcellular expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma and its clinical significance. Page:505—509
3. Shielding property of different prosthetic materials to shield radiation of (125)I seed. Page:502—504
4. Ultrastructural study on the facial nerve of rabbit after (125)I seed implantation. Page:498—501
5. A retrospective study of oral squamous cell carcinomas originated from oral submucous fibrosis. Page:494—497
6. Experimental study on pulp revitalization of Beagle dog's immature permanent teeth after pulpectomy. Page:489—493
7. Macrophage migration-inhibitory factors expression and its effects on proliferation in human dental pulps. Page:484—488
8. Effects of immA and immB coding putative bacteriocin immunity proteins on the antimicrobial sensitivity in planktonic Streptococcus mutans and biofilm formation. Page:478—483
9. Discussion of related factors on the management of enophthalmos secondary to orbital fractures. Page:470—472
10. Correct realizing and treating orbital blowout fracture. Page:467—469
11. Pay attention to the causes and complications associated with surgical reconstruction of orbital fractures. Page:463—466
12. Surgical management of complicated orbital fractures: experiences with 89 orbital corrections and reconstructions. Page:458—462
13. Digital surgical technology in reconstruction of orbital frame. Page:452—457
14. Current treatment of orbital fracture and clinical focus. Page:449—451