WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Stomatology> 2011> 46> 10

Volume: 46 Issue: 10

1. Clinical advance in the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the prevention and management of osteoradionecrosis. Page:636—638
2. Developmental abnormality of the teeth in children: I. The clinical treatment of the children with hypodontia in the mixed dentition. Page:631—635
3. Problem solving in ednodontic diseases: IX. Risk factors and clinical diagnosis of vertical root fractures. Page:627—630
4. The support of National Natural Science Foundation of China prompts the progress and development of basic research of dental and craniofacial research: a 25 years review. Page:616—620
5. Effect of surface treating methods on the shear strength of luting cements to Cercon zirconia. Page:613—615
6. Comparative dosimetry of dental cone-beam computed tomography and multi-slice computed tomography for oral and maxillofacial radiology. Page:595—599
7. Analysis of community composition in dental plaque of elder people with root caries. Page:590—594
8. The preparation, identification and physicochemical properties of anti-Porphyromonas gingivalis IgY. Page:586—589
9. The change of secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor and its correlation with elastase in the development of periodontal inflammation. Page:581—585
10. In commemoration of Qian Yi-jian. Page:577—578
11. Establishment of the micro-stress sensor measurement system for invisible aligner technique. Page:600—603
12. Effect of diubiquitin gene silencing by small interfering RNA on proliferation and invasion of tongue carcinoma Tca8113 cells. Page:604—607
13. Experimental study on rat submandibular gland cell and silk fibroin-chitosan in vivo. Page:608—612