WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Stomatology> 2008> 43> 9

Volume: 43 Issue: 9

1. Progresses in studies on mechanisms of periodontal pathogenic bacterial aggregation. Page:574—576
2. Clinical application of ceramic restorations IV.Characteristics and applications of ceramic restoration. Page:571—573
3. Direct restoration with composite resin IV.Direct anterior restoration. Page:568—570
4. Anterior esthetic restoration:single tooth restoration assistant with the computer-aided dental colorimeter and the digital camera. Page:566—567
5. Effect of different mixing and curing methods on the mechanical properties of denture base resin. Page:564—565
6. Analysis of the fracture processes in all-ceramic crowns by finite element analysis. Page:561—563
7. Antiangiogenic and antitumor effects of vascular endothelial growth factor small interfering RNA on Tca8113 human tongue squamous cell carcinoma xenografts in vivo. Page:556—560
8. Expression and significance of cartilage oligomeric matrix protein, C-X-C motif 9 and keratin 19 in oral submucosal fibrosis. Page:551—555
9. Rapid canine distalization through distraction of the periodontal ligament after reducing interseptal bone resistance. Page:546—550
10. Prophylactic administration of Yunnan Baiyao capsule reduces intra-operative blood loss in orthognathic surgery. Page:542—545
11. Clinical study of application of platform switching to dental implant treatment in esthetic zone. Page:537—541
12. Plastic surgical management of maxillofacial trauma after earthquake. Page:534—536
13. Occlusal guidance in treatment of dental eruption disturbance in children. Page:531—533
14. Expression feature and bioinformatic analysis of molar root patterning gene 1. Page:528—530
15. Effects of mineral trioxide aggregate and calcium hydroxide on the proliferation and differentiation capacity of pulp cells of primary teeth. Page:524—527
16. A retrospective study of pulp healing after luxation injuries. Page:520—523
17. Early prevention and cure of early childhood caries. Page:515—519
18. Re-thinking on treatment of maxillofacial trauma during the earthquake disaster. Page:513—514