WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Stomatology> 2008> 43> 5

Volume: 43 Issue: 5

1. Clinical application of ceramic restorations II. Characteristics of tooth preparation for different porcelain restoration. Page:317—319
2. Direct restoration with composite resin II. Adhesives and the clinical selection. Page:314—316
3. Isolation, culture and identification of rat buccal mucosa stem cells. Page:311—313
4. Dental caries in ancient Chinese in Xia Dynasty. Page:308—310
5. Effect of desensitizer on shear bond strength of adhesive system. Page:306—307
6. Differential scanning calorimetry analyses of phase transformations in different nickel-titanium orthodontic wires. Page:302—305
7. Clinical study of healing abutment on sealing socket and preservation of the gingival natural profile in single-tooth immediate implantation. Page:299—301
8. Reliability of skin paddle in monitoring blood flow after free fibular osteocutaneous composite flap transfer. Page:296—298
9. Investigation on clinical pain features in temporomandibular disorders. Page:293—295
10. Essentiality of standardized periodontal treatment. Page:286—289
11. Protective effect of baicalin on experimental periodontitis in rats and its possible mechanisms. Page:281—285
12. Effects of lactational dioxin exposure to development of alveolar bone in SD rat offspring. Page:278—280
13. An animal experiment for the regeneration of periodontal defect by application of the dual-release chitosan thermosensitive hydrogel system. Page:273—277
14. Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 regulations of human gingival fibroblasts by Porphyromonas gingivalis with different fimA genotypes. Page:269—272
15. Clinical effects of non-surgical treatment on severe generalized aggressive periodontitis. Page:264—268
16. Challenges in diagnosis and classification of periodontal diseases and conditions. Page:260—263
17. Current clinical status and considering of periodontology in China. Page:257—259