WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Stomatology> 2006> 41> 9

Volume: 41 Issue: 9

1. Advances of accelluar dermal matrix application in dentistry. Page:575—576
2. Chronic pain and cognitive-behavioral treatment. Page:572—574
3. How to write medical paper: Part IX. Requirements for English abstracts of original articles. Page:570—571
4. Attachment denture: Part III. Clinical design for attachments. Page:568—569
5. Treatment of oral mucosal disease: Part II. Diagnosis and treatment of senile oral mucosal disease. Page:565—567
6. The application of laser holograph-speckle interferometry for measuring rotation of abutment teeth. Page:563—564
7. Micro-tensile bond strength to sclerotic dentin in non-carious cervical lesions. Page:559—562
8. Expression of Scleraxis in human periodontal ligament cells and gingival fibroblasts. Page:556—558
9. Relative quantification of cytokeratin 19 transcription in oral squamous cell carcinoma tissues by fluorescent quantitive real-time RT-PCR. Page:553—555
10. Radiation-inducible promoters-mediated cdglytk gene in the treatment of buccal carcinoma in golden hamster. Page:549—552
11. Segmental reconstruction of maxillary defects by arced distraction osteogenesis of zygoma. Page:547—548
12. Endoscopy-assisted internal fixation of ramus and subcondylar fracture. Page:544—546
13. The reliability of digital periapical films in diagnosis of root resorption. Page:542—543
14. Preliminary investigation of lower second molar extraction in correction of severe skeletal class III malocclusion. Page:537—541
15. Difficulty assessment of root canal treatment. Page:532—534
16. Experiences of differential diagnosis for periapical diseases. Page:529—531
17. A short-term clinical study of one-visit endodontic treatment for infected root canals. Page:525—528
18. An in vitro study on the incidence of the second mesiobuccal canal in the mesiobuccal root of the first and second maxillary molars. Page:521—524
19. Analysis on results of endodontic treatment and influencing factors. Page:517—520
20. Problems and the considerations in endodontic treatments. Page:513—516