WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Stomatology> 2003> 38> 5

Volume: 38 Issue: 5

1. Stability of teeth alignment after orthodontic treatment. Page:381—383
2. The relationship between the changes of upper airway and genioglossus muscle activity after the treatment with Snoreguard. Page:377—380
3. Effect of elastic stress on expression of corebinding factor a 1 mRNA in human periodontal ligament cells in vitro. Page:374—376
4. The association between interleukin-1 receptor antagonist genotype and chronic periodontitis of Uighur patients. Page:370—373
5. Effects of tobacco on proliferation and attachment of human periodontal ligament fibroblast. Page:367—369
6. The effect of periodontal initial therapy on circulating TNF-alpha and HbA1C in type 2 diabetes patients with periodontitis. Page:364—366
7. The alteration of MTS1 gene in precancerous lesions and squamous cell carcinoma of oral mucosa. Page:361—363
8. The study of apoptosis of salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma in nude mice. Page:358—360
9. The formation of transgenic mice with hemangiomas. Page:355—357
10. Antitumor effects of electrothermal and electrochemical therapy on mice with sarcoma180. Page:351—354
11. Computed tomography diagnosis of maxillofacial and neck malignant tumors invading carotid artery. Page:348—350
12. Relationships between periapical lesion and IL-1, TNF-alpha gene expression in rat. Page:345—347
13. Adhesion of oral microorganisms on dental porcelain polished and glazed. Page:342—344
14. The measurement and comparison of shear fracture strength and shear bond strength between carbon fiber post and some other posts. Page:339—341
15. The beneficial effect of genistein on mandible bone metabolism in ovariectomized rats. Page:336—338
16. Reconstruction of segmental mandibular defect of canine using titanium-nickel distractor. Page:333—335
17. The effect of tooth preparation design on the CAD/CAM all-ceramic coping crown's fitness. Page:330—332
18. The relationship between Helicobacter pylori in oral cavity and the Hp infection in stomach. Page:327—329
19. Evaluation of the use of dental operating microscope and ultrasonic instruments in the management of blocked canals. Page:324—326
20. Temporomandibular joint disc displacement: diagnosis by arthrography with dental volumetric computerized tomography. Page:321—323
21. A study of injectable autogenous tissue-engineered bone. Page:393—395
22. The study of hBMP-4 gene modified tissue-engineered bone. Page:390—392
23. The research of using TiN nanometer film to improve the anticorrosive property of FeCrMo alloy. Page:387—389
24. Development and property study of zirconia toughened nano-composite alumina ceramic powder for dental application. Page:384—386