WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Stomatology> 2003> 38> 3

Volume: 38 Issue: 3

1. A critical review of resinfying therapy in endodontic treatment. Page:163—165
2. Improving the therapeutic level of cleft lip/palate patients in China. Page:161—162
3. The relationship of wire offset and lingual component force on first molar. Page:236—238
4. A comparative study of the bracket bond failure between adults and adolescents receiving fixed orthodontic therapy. Page:233—235
5. The inhibitory effect of glass ionomer cement for orthodontic bonding on bacteria. Page:230—232
6. Gene expression and pathological changes of rat submandibular glands after adenovirus-mediated gene transfer. Page:227—229
7. Rapid detection of Streptococcus mutans and streptococcus sobrinus in human saliva by nested polymerase chain reaction. Page:223—226
8. Inhibition of remineralization by EDTA-soluble phosphate protein in dentin. Page:220—222
9. The effect of overdose fluoride on the proliferation and apoptosis of rat's incisor ameloblast. Page:217—219
10. Comparative study of friction and wear behavior of different human enamel in vitro. Page:213—216
11. The expression of Sonic Hedgehog during late bell stage by Western Blot and in situ hybridization. Page:210—212
12. Effect of spirochetes and porphyromonus gingivalis on oral malodor. Page:206—209
13. Effect of particle size distribution of dental poly (methyl methacrylate) beads on the microstructure of denture. Page:203—205
14. Clinical evaluation of 546 tetracycline-stained teeth treated with Cerinate laminate veneers. Page:199—202
15. A comparative study of masticatory efficiency and mandibular movement pattern among patients with CD, COD and IOD. Page:195—198
16. Clinical evaluation and laboratory study of ultrasonic irrigation of the root canal. Page:192—194
17. Study on the expression level of Annexin I, cPLA(2) and PCNA in cleft-palate mice induced by dexamethasone. Page:188—191
18. Study on etiology of retinoic acid-induced cleft palate in mouse. Page:185—187
19. Comparative morphometrical study on development of palatal shelves in cleft and non-cleft palate mice. Page:182—184
20. CT assist in surgical design for the posterior pharyngeal flap. Page:179—181
21. A preliminary study of the two models treated by presurgical orthopedics compared with early soft palate adhesion method. Page:176—178
22. The influence of the osteogenesis in cleft palate after palatal surgery to the transverse growth of dental occlusion. Page:173—175
23. The evaluation of the Chinese intelligibility of patients with velopharyngeal incompetence. Page:169—172
24. Epidemiological investigation of perinatals affected by transverse facial cleft in China. Page:166—168