WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Journal of Stomatology> 2003> 38> 2

Volume: 38 Issue: 2

1. The recent state of study on salivary gland diseases in China. Page:81—84
2. Analysis on oral health care utilization and expenditure of residents in Beijing. Page:147—150
3. Study on thermal treatment schedule of leucite microcrystallization to reinforce dental glass ceramics. Page:143—146
4. Electrochemical corrosion characteristics of Ni-Cr alloy in artificial saliva. Page:140—142
5. Coloration of mica glass ceramic for use in dental CAD/CAM system. Page:137—139
6. Application of the nasal lining flap to correct the wide unilateral complete cleft lip. Page:135—136
7. A study of lateral skull radiography of patients with submucous cleft palate. Page:132—134
8. Relevance of FcgammaRIIIb genotype, IgG G2m(23) factor to the susceptibility of aggressive periodontitis. Page:129—131
9. Observation of the root surfaces and analysis of the mineral contents in cementum of patients with rapidly progressive periodontitis. Page:126—128
10. Non-osteogenic malocclusion after anatomic reduction and miniplate rigid fixation in condylar neck and subcondylar fractures. Page:123—125
11. The influences of shoulder porcelain length on the stress distribution of metal-ceramic crowns. Page:119—122
12. Cloning of p53/p21 fusion gene and it's inhibitory effect on the growth in Tca8113 cells. Page:116—118
13. A pilot study on jaw relation of edentulous patients with digital cephalometric system. Page:113—115
14. Prevention of enamel demineralization adjacent to orthodontic brackets bonded with resin-modified glass ionomer: an in vitro pH cycling study. Page:109—112
15. Using TiNi-SMA distractor for mandibular alveolar ridge augmentation by distraction osteogenesis: a preliminary study. Page:106—108
16. Study on the effect of gradually induced disordered occlusion on the condyle of New Zealand Rabbit TMJ. Page:103—105
17. Clinical study of immediate implant. Page:100—102
18. Effects of dentine phosphoprotein on remineralization of demineralized dentine. Page:96—99
19. Expression of Shh, Ptc1, Ptc2 mRNA in the cap stage of mouse molar. Page:93—95
20. Effect of millimeter therapy in burning mouth syndrome. Page:89—92
21. Location and negotiation of second mesiobuccal canals in maxillary molars. Page:86—88