WPRIM Management System> DCMS> China Biotechnology> 2017> 37> 8

Volume: 37 Issue: 8

1. Mechanism and Applications of Bio-mineralization Induced by Sporosarcina pasteurii and Related Microorganisms Page:96—103
2. Comparison of Regulation on GM Crops Cultivation Management in USA and China Page:119—127
3. Revision of the General Policies of Nomenclature for Biological Products in China Page:110—118
4. Progress on Function and Biosynthesis of Benzoxazinoids Page:104—109
5. Heterologous Expression of Nanobodies: a Recent Progress Page:84—95
6. The Application of Graphene and Derivatives in Orthopedics Page:78—83
7. Advances in Optimization of Hyaluronic Acid Production by Genetic Engineering Technology Page:72—77
8. Research Progress of Bacterial Lux Bioluminescence Reporter System Page:66—71
9. High Throughput Screening Method and Application for L-glutamate Specific Aminotransferase Page:59—65
10. Production of Restriction Endonuclease Not Ⅰ Utilizing CpG DNA Methylase M.Sss Ⅰ Co-expression Vector Page:51—58
11. Construction and Characterization of Electrochemical Biosensor based on Endotoxin Aptameer Page:46—50
12. Establishment and Phenotype Analysis of SHBG Knockout Mouse Model Page:39—45
13. Characteristics and Kinetic Study of 2-Hydroxypyridine Degradation by a Novel Bacterium Arthrobacter sp.2PR Page:31—38
14. Studies on the 3-Ketosteriod-1-Dehydrogenation of Steroid Hormone by Cellular lysates of Mycobacterium Page:23—30
15. Comparison of Signal Peptides for Two Hemicellulase Secretory Expression Page:15—22
16. 3D Hydrogel Compression Model and Effect of Cyclic Compression on Osteoblast Differentiation Page:8—14
17. Molecular Mechanism of Inducing GLC-82 Cells Apoptosis by Ethanol Extract from Wedelia prostrate (Hook.et Arn.) Hemsl Page:1—7