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Volume: 0 Issue: 09

1. Purification of a New Antibacterial Protein from Housefly(Musca domestica)Larvae Page:—
2. Peanut Cotyledon Bioreactor-a Potential New Force in Peanut Industry Page:—
3. Tolerance to Low Temperature of Transgenic Aloe Plants with TaDREB Gene from Wheat Page:—
4. Progress in Elimination of Elemental Sulfur by the Acidophilic Sulfur-oxidizing Bacteria Page:—
5. The Formation of Recombinant Strain Producing Catechol and the Optimization of Fermentation Conditions Page:—
6. The Research on Expression and Purification of a Chimeric Anti-p185 Antibody Page:—
7. Eukaryotic Expression of ?ig-h_3 Gene and Its Effects on Secretion of MMPs in the Human Hepatoma 7721 Cells Page:—
8. Advance on the Biotransformation of Bioactive Natural Leading Compounds Page:—
9. Expression and Antigenic Analysis of the Recombinant Epitope of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 Glycoprotein G Page:—
10. Optimization of Fermentation Conditions of Bacillus mucilaginosus Mutant 021120 Page:—
11. Optimization on Fermentation and Purification of the Fibrinolytic Enzyme from Stenotrophomonas maltophilia Page:—
12. The Renaturation and Activity Study of LexA From Pseudomonas aeruginosa Page:—
13. The Structural Parameters-functional Activity Relationship of Alpha-helical Antimicrobial Peptides Page:—
14. Technologies for Surface Display of Lipase Page:—
15. The Application of Yeast One Hybrid System in Plant Transcription Factor Gene Resistant to Osmotic Stress Page:—
16. Study on the Saccharification Processes of Lignocellulose Brought about by Ultrasonic Wave Page:—
17. Construction of the Expression Vector of Viruslike Particles Containing FMDV IRES RNA Page:—
18. Studies on Establishment of Co-expression System and Function of Human Complement Regulatory Proteins MCP and CD59 Page:—
19. aa155-171 Motif Deletion of MyD88 Attenuates Expression of Co-stimulatory Molecules and Cytokines in Immune Associated-cells Page:—
20. Recent Progress on Plant Bioreactor Expressing Pharmaceutical Proteins Page:—
21. Cloning of the Phosphatidylserine Synthase Gene and Its Secretive Expression in Bacillus subtilis Page:—
22. Purification and Characterization of L-AI from Bacillus Stearothermophilis IAM 11001 Expressed in E.coli Page:—
23. Expression of NSP 3AB Gene of Encephalomyocarditis Virus(EMCV)in E.coli and Development of Monoclonal Antibodies Against 3AB Protein Page:—
24. Hemangiopoietin Contributes to Hematopoietic Reconstitution in Radiation Damaged Mice Page:—
25. Phage Display Technology and Its Applications for Tumor Research Page:—
26. Advances in Genetic Transformation of Panax Ginseng Page:—
27. Production of Organic Acid from Lignocellulosic Materials by Rhizopus sp. Page:—
28. Protein Engineering of Microbial Lipases Page:—
29. Advances on Isolation and Fusion of Plant Subprotoplasts Page:—
30. Application of Scaffolds in Construction of Random Peptide Libraries and Targeted Molecules Selection Page:—
31. Proteomics Analysis of Heteromorphic Leaves of Populus euphratica Oliv Page:—
32. Prokaryotic Expression and Immunological Reactivity of Rotavirus NSP6 Page:—
33. Tandem Repeat Expression and Inhibitory Activity of a ?-lactamase Inhibitory Peptide Page:—
34. An Aldose Reductase Inhibitor Screening Model Constructed by Transfection of pSNAV-AR into HEK293 Cells Page:—
35. Expression,Purification and Identification of Recombinant Human Neuroglobin Page:—