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Volume: 0 Issue: 08

1. The Mutasynthetic Production of CHC-B1 from a Streptomyces avermitilis Mutant in the Presence of Cyclohexanecarboxylic Acid Page:—
2. The Activity Study of Aminodeoxychorismate Synthase of Differernt Corynebacterium glutamicum Page:—
3. Study Progress on Monitoring of the Complex Compost System by Immunosensor Page:—
4. Reviews on Foodborne Fibrinolytic Enzyme Page:—
5. Structure of Wheat High Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunits and Their Role in Determining Processing Properties Page:—
6. The Influence of Peptidoglycan of Lactobacillus on Immune Function of Mouse Page:—
7. Gene Coloning,Expression and Enzymatic Assay of Human sPLA2-IIA Page:—
8. Two-step Tandem Chromatography Purification of Anti-human CD80 Monoclonal Antibody 4E5 from Mouse Ascites Page:—
9. Effect of Temperature and Carbon Source on the N-acyl-homoserine Lactones Production by Food-derived Pseudomonas Page:—
10. Production,Extraction and Stability for Crude Phytotoxin Produced by Alternaria zinniae Page:—
11. Experimental Study on the Effects of Surfactants on Cellulase From Trichoderma viride Page:—
12. Analyzing Role of △~5 Desaturase in Biosynthesis of Arachidonic Acid Using Real Time PCR Page:—
13. Polyhydroxybutyrate Synthesis in Recombinant Zymonomas mobilis Affected Ethanol Production Page:—
14. Two-Step MS-PCR Combined With ELISA Method for the Detection of Drug Resistance Mutations in HIV-1 RT Gene Page:—
15. Heterologous Expression of Zygosacharomyces rouxii ZrGpd 1 in Pichia farinosa Page:—
16. Advances of Genetic Transformation of Tall Fescue Page:—
17. Transformation of Kentucky Bluegrasss (Poa pratensis L.) by Particle Bombardment Page:—
18. Study on the Bombardment Factors for Kentucky Bluegrasss (Poa pratensis L.) Page:—
19. The Influence of Several Chief Parameters in Electrospinning on the Morphology and the Fiber Diameter of PLGA Fiber Scaffolds Page:—
20. Molecular Characteristics of cDNA Encoding Bactrian Camel ?6 Subunit for FMDV Receptor Page:—
21. Optimization of Lipase Production Conditions by Geotrichum candidum Y162 Using Single Factor-response Surface Methodology Page:—
22. Progress in the Study of Heparinases Page:—
23. Development on Plant Seed Oil Body Expression System for Recombinant Proteins Production Page:—
24. Progress in the Research of Viral-encoded MiRNAs Page:—
25. Site-saturation Mutagenesis Technology and Its Application in Protein Engineering Page:—
26. A Rapid Method for Generation of Homologous Recombinant Fragments—Fusion PCR Page:—
27. The Current Development of Biofuels Page:—
28. A Review for Progress of SELDI Protein Chip Technique Applications Page:—
29. Development of Neutralizing Antibody Based HIV/AIDS Vaccine Page:—
30. Study on a Novel Hepatitis B Virus Multi-epitope DNA Vaccine with siRNA,hIL-12 Coexpressing Page:—
31. Cloning and Expression Analysis of two Endosperm Promoters in Rice Page:—
32. Piwi-interacting RNA(piRNA):a Novel Class of Noncoding Small RNA Page:—
33. Research in Extraction of GPDH with Ultrasonic from Tobacco Leaf Page:—
34. Isolation and Transient Expression Assay of PEAMT Gene Promoter from Salicornia europaea Page:—
35. The Construction of Lentiviral-delivery Human Interleukin-10 Expression Vector and the Abirritative Effect of Pain on CCI Rats Page:—
36. Cloning and Preliminary Analysis of the Stem Specific Promoter of Sugarcane Page:—
37. Biostimulation and Bioaugmentation Repair of Oil Contaminated Soil Page:—
38. The Study on Fermentation Conditions of Inulase Produced by Aspergillus niger Page:—
39. Study on the High Yield Strain of Gentamicin Producer by Protoplast Fused and Fermentor Test Page:—
40. Prokaryotic Expression,Purification and DNA Binding Activity of DEK Protein's Carboxy-terminal DNA-binding Region Page:—
41. Relative and Absolute Quantification-Expression Analysis of CsSAMDC Gene As a Case Page:—
42. Looming of the Era for the Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells by Direct Nuclear Reprogram Page:—
43. The Construction Strategy for Tandem Polypeptide Genes Page:—