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Volume: 0 Issue: 07

1. Functional Expression of Human Cytochrome P450 Enzymes in Escherichia coli Page:—
2. Status and Strategies for Sustainable Exploitation of Marine Bioresources Page:—
3. Research Process of Anaerobic Fermentative Hydrogen Production and Its Development Future Page:—
4. Natural Anti-infectious Molecule:Bactericidal/permeability- increasing Protein Page:—
5. Advances in the Isolation Methods of Fungal Polyketide Synthase Genes Page:—
6. Development and Application of RNAi Interference Library in Functional Genomics Page:—
7. Cloning, Sequencing of Suaeda heteroptera kitag CMO cDNA and Construction of its Recombinant Plant Expression Vector Page:—
8. Mouse-bovine Somatic Cell Interspecies Nuclear Transfer Page:—
9. Cloning and Characterization of Swamp Buffalo SRY Gene Page:—
10. Disruption and Compensation of dnmV Gene from Daunorubicin-producing Strain Streptomyces coeruleorubidus SIPI-1482 Page:—
11. Inducement, Purification and Characterization of?-mannanase from Armillariella tabescens EJLY2098 Page:—
12. Secreted Expression of M annanase Gene in Pichia pastoris and Anylysis of Enzymic Properties Page:—
13. Cultural Conditions for Production of Glutathione by Mutant Saccharomyces J-X25 Page:—
14. Cloning, Sequence Analysis and Expression of dhaT Gene from Citrobacter freundii and Purification and Property of Corresponding Recombinant Enzyme Page:—
15. Expression of Recombinant Nematode Anticoagulant Peptide in Pichia Pastoris Page:—
16. Cloning Chitinase Gene of the Entomopathogene Fungus Metarhizium anisopliae HN1 and High-level Expression in Escherichia coli Page:—
17. DNA Shuffling of Arabidopsis thalianna K+ Uptake Transporter Gene Page:—
18. Prediction of the Secondary Structure and B Cell Epitopes of DMO and DMT Protein in Oreochromis aureus Page:—
19. Secretory Expression of the Fusion Protein IFN?-HSA in Pichia pastoris Page:—
20. Fetal Membrane Derived Adherent Cells: a Novel Source for Mesenchymal Stem Cells Page:—
21. Construction, Expression and Internalization Study of Human Anti-HBsAg Single Chain Antibody/EGFP Fusion Proteins Containing Arg9 Page:—
22. A Strategy for Bioproduction of Rare Sugars: Izumoring Page:—
23. The Cis-elements and Transcription Factors of Plant Environmental Response Promoters Page:—
24. Retrovirus and Transgenic Chicken Page:—
25. Using Uniform Design to Optimize Expressive Conditions of rPA(K) in E.coli Page:—
26. Cloning , Expression of Human sTNFR1 Gene and the Biological Activity of Its Recombinant Protein Page:—
27. Optimization of Separating Conditions of Mouse Gut Flora by High Performance Ion Exchange Chromatography Analysis Page:—
28. The Effects of Dilute Acid Hydrolysate By-products of Corn Stover on Ethanol Fermentation of Xylose-utilising Saccharomyces cerevisiae 6508-127 Page:—
29. Cellular Apoptosis of C6 Mouse Glioma Cells Induced by hING4 Mediated by Adenovirus Page:—
30. Expression,Purification of PUMA-BH3 Death Domain Peptide in E.coli and Identification of Its Pro-apoptotic Activity Page:—
31. Expression of Recombinant Snake Venom Cystatin in Yeast Pichia pastoris and Its Effects on B16F1 Melanoma Invasion in vitro Page:—
32. Synthesis of DNA Encoding Botulinum Neurotoxin Receptor syt II and Its Fusion Expression in E.coli Page:—
33. The Construction and Expression of Phage Display scFv Library from the Spleen Cells of Mice Immunized With B3HM Cells Page:—
34. Endocytosis of Ca Alginate Nanocapsules by Dendritic Cells and Function Induction Page:—
35. Study on Expression,Purification of GFP-SA Recombine Protein and Anchoring Carcinoma Cells Page:—
36. CXCL12 Chemokine Mediates Mesenchymal Stem Cell Adhesion and Proliferation Through ?_V and ?_3 Integrins Page:—
37. The Detection of Triple Expression of Tuberculosis DNA Vaccines on the Cell Level Page:—
38. Prokaryotic Expression and Functional Study of HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein gp41 Helical Bundle Page:—
39. Identification of the Genetic Interaction Between OsMY1 and OsRacD from Oryza sativa.L Page:—
40. The Extraction Method of Bacterial DNA from Activated Sludges Page:—
41. The Progress on The Ubiquitin 26S Proteasome Pathway in Plants Page:—
42. The Review of Assessment of Oocyte Quality Page:—
43. Screening and Metabolic Flux Analysis of Glutathione-high-yielding Strain from Saccharomyces cerevisiae Page:—
44. Effect of Bioimprinting by Lauric Acid on Esterification Activity of Lipase Page:—
45. Study of Immobilization of Yeast Alcohol Dehydrogenase Cross-linked Magnetic Chitosan Microspheres Page:—
46. Current Status and Progress of Microalgal Biodiesel Page:—
47. Application of Amylolytic Lactic Acid Bacterial in Production of L-lactic Acid by Fermentation Page:—
48. Expression of Recombinant sPDGFR?-Fc in CHO and Its Anti-proliferation Analysis Page:—
49. Construction of Streptococcus mutans comE Mutant Strain Using In-frame Deletion System Page:—
50. Effect of Paraformaldehyde Fixation on the FRET Efficiency Calculation between Fluorescent Proteins Page:—
51. Regulation of a Highly Repeated GT Sequence from DCA1 Promoter of Dunaliella Salina in Salt-induction Page:—
52. Construction and Functional Analysis of a Synthetic Wound-and Hormone-inducible Promoter ocs/mas Page:—
53. cDNA Cloning of Maize Protein Kinase Gene ZmLRRPK1 and Its Expression Analysis Page:—
54. Research Progress in Genetic Engineering for Cellulosic Ethanol Page:—
55. Analysis of Mass Isotopomer Distributions of Proteingenic Amino Acids Used GC-MS during ~(13)CMFA Page:—