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Volume: 0 Issue: 04

1. Formula Western Drug Maybe One of Final Strategic Aims of Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:—
2. Cloning, Sequence Analysis and Proeukaryotic Expression of Peroxisomal Membrane Protein Allergen Gene from Chaetomium globosum Page:—
3. Expressing, Purification and Identification of Neuritin Gene in the E. coli Page:—
4. Detection of Segregation of Foreign Genes in Transgenic Wheat Lines by Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction Page:—
5. Construction of Recombinant Adenovirus Expression Vector of Human Sema4C Gene and Its Expression in Mouse Myoblasts Cell Line C2C12 Page:—
6. Expression and Identification of Single Chain Antibody of Prokaryotic Expression Vector pOPE101-8E5 Page:—
7. Clone and Expression of Loop1 and Loop2 Gene of Hexonof Infectious Canine Hepatitis Virus Page:—
8. Alpha 1-antitrypsin Matrix Attachment Region Enhances RNA PolymeraseⅡ-dependent Transcription Page:—
9. The Identification of Antagonistic Bacteria B-04 against Botrytis cinerea and Improving Biocontrol Effect through Genetic Modification with ?-1,3-glucanase Gene Page:—
10. Isolation,Purification and Biological Activity of the Polysaccharides from Phellinus nigiricans Page:—
11. Medium Optimization for Lipopeptide Produced by Bacillus natto TK-1 Using Response Surface Methodology Page:—
12. Profiling Membrane Proteome of Macrophages by One-dimensional PAGE and Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Page:—
13. The Localization and Expression of Tyrosine Phosphorylated Proteins During In Vitro Capacitation of Guinea Pig Sperm Page:—
14. Expression of a Kind of Curcin Induced from Jatropha curcas (curicin 2) in Tobacco Page:—
15. The Development of Rapid PCR Page:—
16. Current Research Status and Application Prospect on Transcription Factor NF-?B Page:—
17. Investigation of Apoptosis of the SGC7901 Cells Induced by the Expression of the Recombinant Gene of anti-HER2 ScFv/tBid Page:—
18. Immunogenicity of Different Genetic Type Rotavirus NSP4 in Mice Page:—
19. Study on Increasing the Protein Expression of Cells by Specific Nutrient Compensation and Metabolism Control Strategy Page:—
20. Antisense Sites Screening of Fas Gene mRNA and Its Validation in vitro Page:—
21. Effect of Recombinant N-segment of Thrombospondin-1 on the Proliferation of ECV304 Page:—
22. Expression, Purification of Human Endostatin in Pichia pastoris and the Detection of Its Anti-angiogenic Activity Page:—
23. Design and Functional Investigation of a Novel Anti-coagulative Fusion Protein by Hirudin With a Recognizing Sequence of FXa Page:—
24. Cloning, Expression and Property Analysis of Arabinosidase in Pichia pastoris Page:—
25. Kinetics of Fed-batch Cultivation on Recombinant Escherichia coli Containing Human-like-Collagen cDNA Page:—
26. Research on Isolating Bacteria by Using Magnetophoresis Page:—
27. A Speedy Extraction Method for Bacterial Chromosomal DNA Page:—
28. Study on Photolysis of Vitamin B_(12) and New Method to Determine the Contents of Vitamin B_(12) in Fermentation Broth Page:—
29. Inhibition of K-RAS~(Asn12) Expression by Vector-based RNA Interference in Human Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line Page:—
30. 2D-PAGE Analysis of Chinese Rose Leaf Protein Under Heat Shock Stress Page:—
31. Interaction of Virus With the Interferon System Page:—
32. Proceeding of Xenotransplantation Page:—
33. The Development of Ion Beam Bioengineering by Literature Analysis in China Page:—
34. Study of Expression of Pneumococcal Surface Protein and Immunogenicity Page:—
35. Cloning of Ginseng ? AS Gene and the Construction of Its Antisense Plant Expression Vector Page:—
36. Molecular Mechanism of Hyaluronan Biosynthesis in Streptococci and Construction of Engineering Strains Page:—
37. Cloning and Prokaryotic Expression of Human Recombinant Calreticulin Page:—
38. Serum-free Aggregate Perfusion Culture of CHO Cells:an Ultrasonic and Sedimentation Column Combined Perfusion System Page:—
39. Expression,Purification and Characterization of [Gly14]-Humanin,a Novel Neuroprotective Peptide Page:—
40. Construction and Identification of NBS1-targeting microRNA Expressing Eukaryotic Vector Page:—
41. Regulation of Gene Expression Profile by Twist in Murine Breast Cancer Cell Page:—
42. Glucagon-Like PeptideⅠand Targeted Differentiation of Stem Cells Page:—
43. Advances in Applications of Bacterial Cellulose in Biomedical Materials Page:—
44. Expression and Immune Effect Study of Therapeutic Recombinant Protein Vaccine VP22?-mE6?/mE7 Page:—
45. Explore the Structural Domains of CENP-E Protein Interacting with Mps1 Protein by FRET Method Page:—
46. Expression and Biological Characterization of Human Osteoprotegerin Fused with Mycobacteria Heat Shock Protein 65 Page:—
47. Cloning and Expression of the New Gene Recombinant RMBAY Against Type-2 Diabetes and Its Production Optimization Page:—
48. Expression and Activity of Recombinant Human Glutamate Decarboxylase 65 Page:—
49. Expression,Purification and Antibody Preparation of Recombinant C8orf32 Protein Page:—
50. Preliminary Discussion on the Structure of a Novel Housefly Pupae Lectin Page:—
51. Establishment of Two-dimensional Electrophoresis System for Proteome of Monascus ruber Page:—
52. Effect of Nutrient and Hydrodynamic Conditions on Growth Characteristics of Photosynthetic Bacterial Biofilm Page:—
53. Application of IL-13R?2-directed Toxin Fusion Protein in Tumor Therapy Page:—
54. Chemiluminescent Southern blot System for Detection of HBV Replication in vitro and Its Application for Analysis the Drugs Inhibition to HBV Page:—