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Volume: 0 Issue: 02

1. Research Progress in Cofactor Engineering of Xylose Metabolism in Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae Page:—
2. The Application of Countercurrent Chromatography with Aqueous Two Phase System in the Separation of Proteins Page:—
3. Advances in the Research of Long Life Recombinant Protein Drug Page:—
4. Effect of Foreign Plasmid DNA on Material and Energy Metabolism of Spleen in Mice Page:—
5. Preparation and Identification of Monoclonal Antibody Against Cloxacillin Page:—
6. Prokaryotic Expression of the Partial gB Gene of the Marek’s Disease Virus Page:—
7. Study on Cellulose Synthase Gene of Chinese White Poplar:Cloning,Sequencing and Construction of Higher Plant Expression Vector Page:—
8. Expression of Helicoverpa armigera Cathepsin B in Pichia pastoris Page:—
9. Reduced Incidence and Severity of Collagen-induced Arthritis in Mice Lacking LFA-1 Page:—
10. Characteristics of HEK293 Cells Growth and Metabolism under Carrier-free Immobilization Culture Mode Page:—
11. A Study on Construction of RGD Motif in Human Interleukin-18 and Its Inhibitory Activity on B16 Melanoma Page:—
12. Comparison of Recombinant Human ?-NGF from E.coli and CHO in Biochemical Characters Page:—
13. The Effect of Transgenic Plants on Rhizosphric Soil Ecosystems Page:—
14. The Effect of Sertoli Cells Feeders on Mouse Spermatogonial Stem Cells Cultured in vitro Page:—
15. The Influence of Two Resins on Synthesizing HCV Polypeptides by Solid-phase Method Page:—
16. Rhizosecretion of HIV-1 Recombinant Capsid Protein from Transgenic Lycium barbarum L.Hairy Roots Page:—
17. Study on Immune Efficacy of Single and Double Fusion DNA Vaccine from Mycobacterium bovis Page:—
18. Purification of Recombinant Fusion Protein Staphylokinase-Hirudin Expressed by Escherichia coli and Analysis of its Dimer Page:—
19. Analysis of Cis-acting Elements on Respiratory Mucin MUC5AC Expression and Regulation in Pulmonary A549 Cell Line Page:—
20. Construction of a Human Liver Carcinoma Cell Line that Stable Expression of HBV with Gene Trap Vector Page:—
21. Secretory Expression of the Fusion Protein PTH-HSA in Pichia pastoris Page:—
22. Silencing of HER2 Receptor and Growth Inhibition of SKBR3 Breast Cancer Cells by Lentiviral-mediated RNAi Page:—
23. Cloning of Full Genome and Genotyping of a Group A Human Rotavirus Page:—
24. Localization of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Within Recombinant CHO Cells in Response to Dimethyl Sulfoxide Page:—
25. Immunogenicity in a Prime-boost Regimen of a Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara (MVA) Vectored Experimental HIV-1 Clade C/B’ Vaccine Page:—
26. Expression of Truncated NSP2 Protein of Porcine Reproduction and Respiratory Syndrome Virus in E.coli and Preparation of Monoclonal Antibodies Against NSP2 Protein Page:—
27. Sequence Analysis of Coat Protein Gene of Cucumber Mosaic Virus Isolate Infecting Basella rubra L. Page:—
28. Genetic Transformation of Phytoene Synthase Gene into Ginseng Callus Cells Page:—
29. Study on Gambogic Acid-loaded Polylacticacid Nanoparticles Page:—
30. Bottleneck and Countermeasure on Biodiesel Production by Lipase-catalysis Page:—
31. Progress in the Regulative Mechanism of Specific miRNA Page:—
32. A New Quantitative Determination Method for the Biological Activity of Recombinant Human Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Page:—
33. Inhibition of CaMKⅡ? Expression by RNA Interference in PC12 Page:—
34. Cloning and Expression of Esterase Gene to Enantioselective Resolution of (S)-Ketoprofen in NK13 Page:—
35. Current Status and Progress on the Techniques for Prolonging Half-life of Protein Pharmaceuticals Page:—
36. Therapeutic Benefit of TH,AADC,and GCH-I Genes for Parkinson's Disease in Rat Model Page:—
37. Polypyrimidine Tract Binding Protein Negatively Regulates the Expression of HBV Surface Antigen by Interacting with HBV Postranscriptional Regulatory Element Page:—
38. Construction and Identification of a Single Chain Fv Phage Display Library Against Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell Page:—
39. Conjunctive Use of Various Adjuvant and Fusion Protein Which Composed of M2e and N P Genes of Avian Influenza Virus,and the Influence on Immunogenicity Page:—
40. Advances in Porcine Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Page:—
41. ?C31 Integrase and Transgenic Animals Research Page:—
42. Effects of Low-iodine Diet on the Expression of Homeobox Gene NKX-2.2 in Rat Cerebrum Tissue Page:—
43. Processing Technology Research of Fermentation and Purification of SUMO Protease UlP1 Page:—
44. Rapid Construction of RNA Silencing Virus Resistance Vector Containing TMV and CMV Virus-derived Genes Page:—
45. The Structural Identification and Antitumor Activity on MCF-7 Cells of Surfactin from Bacillus subtilis TK-1 Page:—