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Volume: 0 Issue: 06

1. Development of Nonaqueous Electrolyte Electrochemical Gas Detector for Unsymmetrical Dimethyl Hydrazine Page:—
2. Effects of Psoralen on Improving Chemotherapeutics Drug’s Concentration of HL60 Cells Page:—
3. Sympathetic Responses in Caloric Stimulation:Role in the Cardiovascular Control of Anesthetized Rats Page:—
4. Selection of Salad Vegetables in Controlled Ecological Life Support System Page:—
5. Numerical Simulation of CO_2 Removal with Carbon Molecular Sieve for Use in Portable Life Support System Page:—
6. A System for Measurement of Pulse Wave Transit Time Continuously Based on Wireless Sensor Network Page:—
7. Responses of Cultured Neuronal Network to Electric Pulses Stimuli with Different Intervals Page:—
8. A Study on Method for Building Human Head Parameter Model Page:—
9. Research Progress in Space Hematology Page:—
10. The Change Feature of the Signal of Fusiform before and after the Vocabulary Learning Page:—
11. The Assessment of Human Gait Function Based on Wavelet Entropy Page:—
12. Application of Exact Reconstruction Algorithm of Triple-source Helical CT in Dynamic Reconstruction Page:—
13. Heat Transfer Boundary Condition Calculation Model of a Fighter Plane Cockpit Page:—
14. Research on Noninvasive Diagnosis for Coronary Heart Disease Based on Neural Network Page:—
15. Design of Chock-vault Antenna for Injurious Interventional Thermotherapy Page:—
16. Numerical Analysis of Hypothermia Effects in the Head and Neck by a New Model Page:—
17. Research on Registration Algorithm for Three-dimension Cardiac Electrical Maps Page:—
18. Extraction of Breast Tumor Boundary in Ultrasonic Image Based on Improved Variational Level Set Algorithm Page:—
19. Multimodal Medical Image Registration Based on Gradient Vector Flow and Particle Swarm Optimization Page:—
20. A Triple Level Registration Strategy of Medical Image Based on Mutual Information Page:—
21. Induced Cardiomyogenic Differentiation of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Vitro Page:—
22. Experimental Study on Dependence of Diffusion Tensor-derived Parameters upon Diffusion Time Page:—
23. A Novel Method for Effectively Preserving PPG Pulse Waveform Information Page:—
24. Application of Fluctuation Complexity Measure to Speech Endpoint Detection Page:—
25. Effects of Brain White Matter Anisotropic Conductivity on Distribution of EEG Calculated with Finite Element Method Based on Diffusion Tensor Image (DTI) of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Page:—
26. Construction and Validation of Galvanic Coupling Human Intra-body Communication Model with Quasistatic Approximation Page:—
27. Coherence Resonance in a Nonlinear Neuronal Model Driven by Correlated Noise Page:—
28. From Single Optical Tweezer to Optical Tweezer Array Page:—