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Volume: 0 Issue: 04

1. Study on Stochastic Resonance of Electrical Sense based on Psychophysical Experiments. Page:—
2. Model Reseach of Effects of Defibrillation Waveform on Action Potential Duration. Page:—
3. Preventive Effects of Iptakalim on Brain Edema Caused by Acute Hypobaric Hypoxia in Rats. Page:—
4. Effects of +Gz Exposures on Expression of HSP70 Protein in Rat Hippocampus. Page:—
5. Effects of Hindlimb-unloading on Diameter of Intrafusal Fibers and Capsule at Equatorial Region of Rat Soleus Muscle Spindle. Page:—
6. Effects of Intermittent Head-up Tilt on the Endothelin Expression and Morphological Changes of Artery during Simulated Weightlessness in Rabbits. Page:—
7. Effects of Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Gene Polymorphism in Cardiovascular Events of Patients with Coronary Arterial Disease Page:—
8. Mechano-chemical Signal Pathway of Endothelial Cells Migration Induced by Fluid Shear Stress Page:—
9. Telemetric Localization of Detecting Capsule in Gastrointestinal Tract Page:—
10. Harris Operator and K-means Clustering-based Facial Features Localization on Infrared Images Page:—
11. Estimation of Percentage of Electrogastrogram Slow Wave Rhythm Page:—
12. An Automatic Algorithm for Image Segmentation in Urine Sediment Examination Page:—
13. Relationship between Handgrip Forces and Surface Electromyogram Activities of Forearm Muscle Page:—
14. Relationship between Surface EMG and Angle of Elbow Joint Page:—
15. Study on Osteoblasts Growth on Opal Powder/Poly-L-Lactic Acid Composite Films Page:—
16. Effects of Fluid Shear Stress on IL-8 mRNA Expression in EA.Hy926 Cells Page:—
17. Monitoring on Depth of Anesthesia Basing on ? Rhythm Autocorrelation of EEG Signals Page:—
18. Application of Linear Models in Exploring the Relations between Behavior Data and Functional Magnetic Resonance Signals of Brain during Cognitive Task Page:—
19. Development and Design of Diffusion Optical Tomography System Page:—
20. A Reconstruction Algorithm for Fluorescence Molecular Tomography Based on the Total Least-Squares Rule and the Normalized Conjugate Gradient Method Page:—
21. Comparison of the Characters of Circadian Rhythms of Cardiovascular Functions between Full-term and Premature Infants Page:—
22. Comparison of Cosine and Dip Methods in Describing the Rhythm of Blood Pressure Page:—
23. Study on Characteristics of Pointing Movement Time for Targets with Different Position in Front of Human Body Page:—
24. A Study of Growth and Development of Wheat under Low Atmospheric Pressure Page:—
25. Experimental Studies of a Water/gas Separator Using Hydrophilic Micro-filtration Membrane under Simulated Microgravity Page:—
26. Research on Precise Location Algorithm for QRS in ECG Page:—
27. Factors Affecting Measurements of Lung Tumor Standardized Uptake Value:A Monte-Carlo Simulation Study Page:—
28. Human Identification Based on ECG with Wavelet Decomposition and Data Fusion Method Page:—
29. Research Progress of Biological Effects of Hypomagnetic Fields Page:—
30. A Method for Pretreatment and Character Extraction of Epicardial Signals Based on Template Matching Page:—
31. Analysis for the Performance of Zeolite 5A Molecular Sieve to Adsorb CO_2 in Crew Module Page:—
32. Research of Detecting Depth for Near-infrared Fluorescence Imaging in Vivo Page:—