WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Space Medicine & Medical Engineering> 2006> 0> 03

Volume: 0 Issue: 03

1. Study on Technology of Space Flight Training Simulator and Its Engineering Implementation Page:—
2. Development of Manned Space Environmental Simulation Technology Page:—
3. Determination of Index Weights in the Operation Complexity Model of Spaceflight Page:—
4. Preliminarily Study of the Effect of ?-ray of ~(60)Co on the Growth of Spirulina Page:—
5. Development of the Portable Device for Spacesuit Ventilation and Heat-regulation Page:—
6. Research on Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) of China's Manned Spacecraft Page:—
7. Review on Body Fatigue Assessment of Human Operation Page:—
8. Intra-subject Image Registration between Expiration and Inspiration Lung Volumes of High Resolution CT Page:—
9. Classification and Diagnosis of Multiclass ECG Signals Based on MAR Modeling and Priority Page:—
10. Design of Programmable Transcutaneous Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation System and Its Primary Experimental Study Page:—
11. Numerical Simulation on Phase Change Heat Transfer Process of Biological Tissue in Cryosurgery Page:—
12. Advanced Researches on Cell Adhesion Molecules of Immune System under Microgravity Page:—
13. The Influence of Head-down Tilt on the Visual Evoked Potential of Healthy People Page:—
14. Study of Linear Sampling Method with Partial-view Data in Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering Imaging Page:—
15. Preparation of Ce Doped Pt/GAC Catalyst and Study on Its Catalytic Oxidation of Condensate Wastewater Page:—
16. A Blind Source Separation Algorithm Based on Beamform Theory Page:—
17. Cole-Cole Mathematical Model Analysis on Impedance Spectrum in Rat Erythrocyte Suspension Page:—
18. Immunomodulatory Function of Antibiotics and Their Effects on Pulmonary Fibrosis Page:—
19. Dynamic Effects of Visual,Vestibular and Their Interaction on Visual Cognitive Processing Page:—
20. Cognitive Control Mechanisms based on Local Multiple Conflicts Page:—
21. Different Characteristics of Heart Rate Variability in Mental and Physical Fatigue States Page:—
22. Space Mutation Effects of Rhodobacter Sphaeroides Page:—
23. Closed-form Algorithm for Relative Pose Parameters of Spacecraft Based on 3D Reconstruction Page:—
24. Effects of Red and Blue Light Emitting Diodes(LEDs) on the Growth and Development of Lettuce(var. Youmaicai) Page:—
25. Drawing up a Job Self-regulation Questionnaire for Airline Pilots Page:—