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Volume: 0 Issue: 02

1. Effects of 10 h Continuous Driving on Auditory Involuntary Attention:An ERPs Study. Page:—
2. 3D Reconstruction of High-resolution Volume Data Based on Surface Points. Page:—
3. Numerical Simulation of Carotid Bifurcation Flow Field in Atherosclerosis Model. Page:—
4. Implementation of Whole Visualization of 3D Medical Image by Semitransparent Effect. Page:—
5. Correlation Analysis of Epicardial Depolarization Wave Based on Combined Unipolar and Bipolar Mapping Technique. Page:—
6. Studies on Selection and Biological Characters of Tomato Indeterminate Growth Habit Mutant Derived from Space Treatment. Page:—
7. Effects of Modafinil on Simulated Flight Performance during 48 h Sleep Deprivation. Page:—
8. Study on Animal Models of Decompression Sickness. Page:—
9. Influence of Hindlimb-unloading on the Morphology of Nerve Endings in Soleus Muscle Spindles. Page:—
10. Effects of Simulated Microgravity on the Morphology and Growth of PC12 Cells. Page:—
11. Construction of HNP-3 Mature Peptide Bait Plasmid of Yeast Two-hybrid System and Detecting Its Self-activating and Toxic Effect Page:—
12. A Method for Automatic Generation of Finite Element Head Models Based on Segmented Computer Tomography Data Page:—
13. Estimation of Uniaxial Modulus of Articular Cartilage Based on Inhomogeneous 4 Parameters Triphasic Mode Page:—
14. A Two-step MREIT Algorithm for Head Tissues Based on Radial Basic Function Neural Network Page:—
15. A Study on the Decomposition of Surface EMG Signals Based on Second Order Non-stationary Source Separation Page:—
16. Effect of 30Hz Whole Body Vibration on Osteoporosis Page:—
17. Comparison of Morphological Features in Soleus between Tail-suspended and 30-month-old Rats Page:—
18. Difference of Responses of Males and Females under-30? Head-down Tilt Page:—
19. Design of Simple Integral Coefficient Notch Filter to Remove Power-line Interference in High Sampling Rate Page:—
20. Envelope Extraction of Heart Sounds Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform Page:—
21. Measurement of the Diffusion Property of Water Molecules Based on Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Weighted Spectroscopy Page:—
22. Synthetic Evaluation Method of Mental Workload on Visual Display Interface in Airplane Cockpit Page:—
23. Effects of Mild and Moderate Acute Hypobaric Hypoxia on Manual Performance Page:—
24. Mechanism of Biological Effects of ELF Pulsed Electromagnetic Wave on Cells Page:—
25. Effects of Short-and Mid-term Tail Suspension on Renin-angiotensin System in Renal Tissue of Rat Page:—
26. Ameliorated Effects of High Frequency Sinusoidal Vibration Given to Soleus Muscle on H Reflex in Rats Under Tail Suspension Page:—
27. Effects of Digoxin on Cardioventricular Function in Rats after Simulated Weightlessness Page:—
28. Effects of Digestive Load from Senna on the Adaptive Thermogenesis in Hypothyroid Rat Page:—
29. 3-D Image of Near-infrared Fluorescent Probe in Tissue-like Solution. Page:—
30. Analysis of Heart Rate Variability Signal Based on Cao Algorithm. Page:—
31. Study on Regulation of ECG Cycle Fluctuation. Page:—
32. Research on Effect Factors to Function of Human-machine System as Displaying with LCD. Page:—
33. Research on Nonlinear Characteristic of ECG Signals and Tone of Autonomic Nervous System during Water-immersion Restraint Stress in Rats. Page:—
34. Study on Method for Estimate of Cosmic Radiation Effective Dose Rate at Civil Aviation Altitude in Aerosphere. Page:—
35. The Progress of the Proteomic Technology. Page:—
36. Studies on the Mutation Effects of Spaceflight Treatment on Tomato. Page:—
37. Study on P Wave Detection Method Based on Optimal Fitting Function Page:—
38. A Processing Method of EEG Signals Based on Second Generation Wavelet Transform and Blind Signal Separation Page:—
39. Effects of Display Format of Cockpit Air Traffic Information on Conflict Detection Performance Page:—
40. A Novel Method for Extraction of Heart Sounds Envelope Based on Interpolation of Local Peak and Valley Points Page:—
41. Effects of Simulated Environment of Spaceflight on Phonetic Features of Speech Page:—
42. Effects of Hydrated Rate on Compressed Deformation of Natural Articular Cartilage Page:—
43. Measurements of Cardiac Output of a New Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valve Prosthesis Made in China Page:—
44. Research on Comparison of Imaging Parameters in Intravascular Ultrasound Elastography Page:—
45. Simulation Research on Performance of Condensing Heat Exchanger in Different Working Conditions Page:—
46. Study on the Growing Characteristics of Lettuce Cultivated at Elevated CO_2 Concentrations in Controlled Environment Page:—