WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Space Medicine & Medical Engineering> 2006> 0> 01

Volume: 0 Issue: 01

1. Design and Performance Study of Focused Magnetic Fields Conductivity Tomography. Page:—
2. A New Algorithm for Oscillometric Blood Pressure Measurement. Page:—
3. Acquisition of Pulse Characteritics Based on Wavelet Module Maximum Principle. Page:—
4. Effects of Modafinil on Vestibular Function during 24 h Sleep Deprivation. Page:—
5. Early Face Processing of Internet Addiction Patients by Face-specific N170 Page:—
6. Study on Range of Motion of Manual Performance for Ergonomics Evaluation Page:—
7. A Study of Pointing Movement Characteristics and Ergonomics on Front Board Page:—
8. Design and Implement of the ECLSS Adaptive Learning Intelligent Decision Support System Page:—
9. Design and Implementation of A Portable ECG Monitor for Multi-user Page:—
10. Whole Body Simulation and Visualization of Metabolic Process of ~(18)F 2-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose Page:—
11. Oligonucleotide Hybridization Detection Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance Technology Page:—
12. Wearable Concurrent Monitoring System for Physiological Parameters Page:—
13. Biomechanical Analysis of Wrist under Axial Static Compressive Force on Metacarpals Page:—
14. A New Method for Monitoring the Status of Central Nervous System during General Anesthesia Page:—
15. Establishment of a Carrying System for Space Cellular Experiment on Shenzhou-6 Spacecraft Page:—
16. Effects of Tail Suspension on Dielectric Properties of Cells in Isolated Rat Sural Muscle Page:—
17. Effects of Taikong Yangxin Prescription on Heart Function in Tail-suspension Rats Page:—
18. An ERP Study on Visual Illusory Motion Page:—
19. Detecting Controlling and Driving System for a New Kind Tissue Engineering Bioreactor Page:—
20. The First Step of Lunching Biological Rocket Experiment in China——The Integral Results on Four Physiological Parameters of Dog Page:—
21. Asymmetrical Perception of Facial Recognition on Race and Gender Judgment. Page:—
22. Study of Transcutaneous Wireless Bidirectional Communication System Based on Pulse Position Modulation. Page:—
23. Effect of K_(ATP) Channel Regulators on the Expression of K_(ATP) Subunits on the Cerebral Ischemia Reperfusion Injury in Gerbil. Page:—
24. Effects of Different Doses of Sijunzi Decoction on Soleus Atrophy in Tail-suspended Rats. Page:—
25. Research Progress of Portable Life Support System for Extravehicular Activity Space Suit. Page:—
26. Numerical Simulation Analysis of Single-phase Flow Field in Micro-flow-channels of the Small Square Cylinders in the Electrolysis Oxygen Generation. Page:—
27. Research Progress on the Animal Protein Production in the Bioregenerative Life Support System. Page:—
28. Research of Automatic QT Interval Detection Based on Morphological Method Page:—
29. Progress in Brain-computer Interface Based on Cortical Evoked Potential Page:—
30. Research on Comprehensive Assessment Method of Mental Fatigue in Monitoring Task Page:—
31. Expression of ? Defensin Genes in Rat Airway Epithelium after Intraperitoneal Injection of Emulsified Isoflurane Page:—
32. Research on Development of "Psychological Stress Questionnaire of China Civil Aviation Pilots" Page:—
33. Indirect Evaluation of Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ca~(2+) Release Function in Skeletal Muscle Strips Page:—
34. Effects of Tail-suspension,Noise and Combination of Two Stresses on Immune Function of Rats Page:—
35. Numerical Analysis of the Influence of Cement Thickness on Stress Distribution in All-ceramic Crowns Page:—
36. Activated Caspase-8 Regulates Bcl-2 Expression in Fas-and Actinomycin D-induced Apoptosis in Bel-7402 Cells Page:—
37. Effects of Hypobaric Environment on Growth and Physiological Characteristic of Lettuce Page:—
38. Optimization of RAPD Reaction System and Analysis of "HANGQIE-5" Eggplant Generated by Space Mutagenesis Page:—
39. EPP: An ERP Late Positive Component Related to Facial Expression Processing. Page:—