WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Legal Medicine> 2002> 26

Volume: 26

1. Sequence Analysis of ABO Gene in Korean for Individual Identification. Page:55—67
2. Comparison of parentage testing results from several institutes in Korea. Page:68—74
3. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome: A Case Report. Page:86—90
4. Sudden Death Caused by Anomalous Coronary Origin: A Case Report and Clinical Review. Page:91—94
5. The Statistical Analysis on Legal Autopsy in 2001: The Headquarters of National Institute of Scientific Investigation. Page:1—9
6. Medicolegal Investigation of Electrocution: The importance of the scene of the accident. Page:10—19
7. Multiple Sclerosis: A case report. Page:20—23
8. DGGE assay for heteroplasmy in mitochondrial DNA. Page:75—81
9. An Autopsy Case of Air Embolism as a CPR Artefacts. Page:82—85
10. Mass Disaster Operational System of an Aircraft Accident in Korea. Page:36—41
11. Autoerotic Death in an Old Man. Page:33—35
12. Changes of Characteristics of Mentally Ill Criminals: Between 1990 and 2000. Page:24—32
13. A Statistical Analysis on Legal Autopsy in Chung-cheong Area of Korea in 2001: The Central District of National Institute of Scientific Investigation. Page:47—54
14. Report of Newborn deaths at Post-delivery care facilities in 2001 and 2002. Page:33—46
15. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Sudden Child Death Syndrome. Page:27—32
16. Forensic Review of Underwater Diving-Related Death. Page:17—26
17. Morphologic Study on Coronary Artery of Korean. Page:7—16
18. Immunohistochemical Study of Fibronectin for Postmortem Diagnosis of Early Myocadial Infarction. Page:1—6
19. Interpretation of C tract in the D-Loop of Mitochondrial DNA. Page:42—50
20. Inadequacies of Death Certification: The Role of Forensic Pathologist. Page:72—79
21. A 10-Year Review of Railway-Related Fatalities. Page:64—71
22. Two Cases Showing Severe Abdominal Combustion. Page:60—63
23. Two Case Reports of Sudden Unexpected Death Resulting from Inflammation of the Sinoatrial node. Page:56—59
24. The Duty of Medicine Doctor to Notify the Unusual Death. Page:51—55