Volume: 0 Issue: 01

1. Effects of Liandai Tablet and Its Main Active Components on Gastric Cancer Cell Strain MGC-803 Page:—
2. Effects of Blood-Circulation Promoting and Phlegm Removing Treatment on Mitochondria membrane in Spontaneous Hypertensive Rats Page:—
3. A Clinical Observation of Large-Circle Manipulation for Prolapse of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Page:—
4. Experimental Studies of Acupuncture and Fuyuan Mixture in Improving Intelligence Page:—
5. Relationship Between EGG and Gastric Evacuation in Chronic Superficial Gastritis with Spleen-Stomach Damp-Heat Syndrome Page:—
6. Influences of Qi Deficiency and Qi Stagnation in the Pathogenesis of Coronary Heart Disease with Heart-Blood Stagnation Syndrome Page:—
7. Effects of Bushen Yizhi Decoction on Somatostatin-like Neurons in Hippocampal Gyrus of Rat Models with Alzheimer's Disease Page:—
8. Comparative Studies on Effects of Dihydroartemisinin and Quinine on Plasmodium Falciparum Gametocytes at Early Stage Page:—
9. Thoughts of Establishing Comprehensive Therapeutic Protocols for Hypertensive Middle- and Large-Amount Cerebral Hemorrhage Page:—
10. Effect of Brain Balance Bionic Instrument on M onamine Neurotransmitter in Rats withNephrovasopressive Hypertension Page:—
11. Effect of Electroacupuncture on NO, NOS and ET -1 Levels in Rats with Focal Cerebral Ischemia Page:—
12. A Study on Mycorrhizal Microstructure of Wild Cymbidium ensifolium Page:—
13. Fharmacognostical Identification of Six Species of Calicarpa Page:—
14. Determination of Geniposide in Jinzhi Jieyin Gargle By RP - HPLC Page:—
15. Effect of Combination of Rhizoma Coptidis and Fructus Evodiae in Various Proportions on Rat Models with Heat Syndrome Induced by Radix Codonopsis Pilosulae and Radix Astragali seu Hedysari Page:—
16. Selective Inhibitory Effect of Sinomenine on Activity of Cyclooxygenase 2 Page:—
17. ECFect of Yang Xin Kang on Plasma Endothelin and Calcitonin - Gene Related Peptide Levels in Rats with Myocardial Hypertrophy Heart Failure Page:—
18. Pharmacodynamic Study of Bao Xin Kang in Rabbits with Cardiac Insufficiency Page:—
19. Effect of Zhuyun 3 on Uterine Contraction in Rats Page:—
20. In-Vitro Anti-HBV Activity of Bushen Jianpi Formula Page:—
21. An Experimental Study on the Mechanism of Fever in Damp - Heat Syndrome Page:—
22. Reversal Action of Qi Strengthening, Blood Activating and Phlegm Removing Therapy for Senile Left Ventricular Hypertropy Page:—
23. Relationship Between Endometriosis and Menstruation as well as Gestational Status Page:—
24. Thoughts for Establishing Suicide - Gene Therapy Combined with Chinese HerbalMedicine for Tumor Page:—
25. Comment on Literatures of Clinical Randomized Controlled Trials of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Acute Myocardial Infarction Page:—
26. Effects of Qibao Meiran Pellet on Free Radicals and Immune Indexes in Aging Rats Page:—
27. Effect of Wumei Wan on Histological Features of Colic Mucosa of Rats with Ulcerative Colitis Page:—
28. Protective Effect of Yugan Tablet on D - galactosamine - induced Acute Hepatic Injury in Mice Page:—
29. Effects of Yiqi Huoxue Tablet on Expression of Platelet Membrane Adhesion Molecules in Rats with Cerebral Infarction Page:—
30. Combined Treatment of Chinese Herbs with Autoepidermic Grafting for Vitiligo Page:—
31. Clinical Observation of Chinese Herbal Medicine Combined with Radiotherapy for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Page:—
32. Clinical Study of Fetus - soothing and Liver - clearing Therapy for Pregnancy Associated with Chronic Hepatitis B Page:—
33. Evaluation of TCM Combined with Western Medicine for Infertility with Ovarian Dysfunction by Detecting Saliva Progestin Level Page:—
34. Relationship Between Tongue Manifestations and Immune Function in Chronic Hepatitis B with HBsAg, HBeAg and HBcAb Positive Page:—
35. Naoxing Nasal Spray for Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Report of 66 Cases Page:—
36. Effects of Tongbiling Prescription in Counteracting Cartilage Destruction in Rats with Collagen-induced Arthritis Page:—
37. Effects of Tongbiling Prescription on Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Synovium of Rats with Collagen-induced Arthritis Page:—
38. Regulatory Effects of Total Alkaloids of Tongbiling Prescription on Cellular Immunity in Rats Page:—
39. Determination of Thiamazole Content in Yingqi Ling Tablets by HPLC Page:—
40. In - Vitro Experiment for Detecting Microdialysis Recovery rate of Sinomenine Page:—
41. Studies on In-Vitro Biological Activity of Albiflorin R1 in Counteracting Cell Proliferation Page:—
42. Experimental Studies on Zhuye Shigao Decoction for the Treatment of Deep Candidiasis in Mice Page:—
43. Experimental Studies on Anxin Granules in Preventing andTreating Hyperlipidemia Page:—
44. Effect of Xiaoyao Powder on Ca~(2+) in Hippocampal Synaptosome of Multi - Stress Model Rats Page:—
45. Protective Mechanism of Naoxing Nasal Spray on Ischemic Cerebral Injury Page:—
46. Clinical Observation of Shangke Quyu Tablet in Treating Traumatic Swelling and Pain Page:—
47. Experience of Peri-operation Treatment for Senile Diabetic Hip Fracture Page:—
48. Neurological Protection and Immunoregulation of Radix Astragali on Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy Page:—
49. Clinical Observation of Yishen Zhuanggu Tongbi Decoction in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis Page:—
50. Clinical Observation on Combination of TCM and Western Medicine for the Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy Page:—
51. Curative Effect of Radix Astragali Injection on Peripheral Blood Leukopenia Caused by Viral Infection Page:—
52. Clinical Studies on Shugan Jianpi Decoction in Treating Iron-deficiency Anemia Page:—
53. Changes of Circulating Immune Complex in Monkeys Infected by Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Page:—
54. Effect of Biological Fertilizers on the Yield and Quality of Amomum villosum Page:—
55. Comparative Identification of Different Cultivated Varieties of Amomum villosum Page:—
56. Studies on Renal Histological Parameters in SD Rats and Beagles Page:—
57. Tissue Culture and Plant Regeneration of Aristolochia contorta Bge Page:—
58. Construction and Analysis of cDNA Expression Library from the Leaves of Dendrobium candidum Wall. ex Lindl. Page:—
59. Studies on Quality Standard of Guanxin Qiwei Tablet Page:—
60. Studies on Preparation Technology for Maodongqing Drop Pill Page:—
61. Microscopic Identification of Medicinal Material of Herba Rabdosiae Serrae Page:—
62. Identification of Fructus Citri Sarcodactylis from Three Different Production Areas by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Page:—
63. Pharmacological Study on Antitussive and Antiasthmatic Actions of Nervilia fordii (Hance) Schitr. Page:—
64. Clinical Observation on Electroacupuncture for Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis Page:—
65. Effect of Electroacupuncture on Nerve Growth Factor Expression in Ischemic Cortex of Rats with Focal Cerebral Ischemia Page:—
66. Treatment of Acne Vulgaris Based on TCM Syndrome Differentiation: An Observation of 64 Cases with Lung-heat and Spleen-deficiency Page:—
67. Relationship Between TCM Syndrome Pattern and Immuno-endocrine Function in Patients with Infertility Induced by Chronic Pelvic Inflammation Page:—
68. Qinical Observation on Shoutai Pill and Shixiao Powder for the Treatment of Threatened Abortion with Kidney Deficiency and Blood Stasis Page:—
69. Influence of Modified Qianjin Weijing Decoction on Airway Clearance in Patients with Acutely Exacerbated Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Page:—
70. Heat-clearing and Toxicity-removing Therapy for the Treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome: An Observation of 55 Cases Page:—
71. Effect of Early Treatment of Chinese Herbal Medicine on Long-term Prognosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction Page:—
72. A Comparative Analysis of Proximal Femoral Nail and Dynamic Hip Screw for Intertrochanteric Femoral Fracture Page:—
73. Determination of Lasiokaurin in the Stems and Leaves of Rabdosia nervosa by HPLC Page:—
74. Histocytological Observation of Somatic Embryogenesis in In-Vitro Cultured Dendrobium candidum wall. Ex Lindl. Page:—
75. Effect of Baogan Ning on Hepatic Leptin Receptor and Its JAK2/STAT3 Message Pathway in Rats with Hepatic Fibrosis Page:—
76. Experimental Study of Shengjiang Powder on Treating Acute Lung Injury Page:—
77. In-Vitro Effect of Modified Taohe Chengqi Decoction and Its Separated Prescriptions on Diabetic Angiopathy Page:—
78. Therapeutic Effect of External Application of Herbal Medicine for Ankylosing Spondylitis Page:—
79. Clinical Observation on Yin-Nourishing and Blood-Activating Herbal Medicine for Seminal Delayed Liquefaction Page:—
80. Effect of Kidney-Tonifying and Blood-Activating Herbal Medicine on Bcl-2 and Bax Expression in Endometrium of Anovulatory Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding Patients Page:—
81. Effect of Liver-Soothing and Spleen-Strengthening Herbal Medicine for Metabolic Syndrome:An Observation of 51 Cases Page:—
82. Influence of Spleen-Supplementing and Lung-Strengthening Therapy on Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Treated by Mechanical Ventilation and Enteral-parenteral Nutritional Support Page:—
83. Preliminary Investigation of Traditional Chinese Medical Syndromes in Acute Exacerbation Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Page:—
84. Effect of Shengxuening Tablets Combined with Erythropoietin for the Treatment of Anemia in Premature Infants: An Observation of 60 Cases Page:—
85. Treatment of Senile Femoral Neck Fracture During Perioperative Period with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Page:—
86. Influence of Psychological Intervention on Therapeutic Effect of Massage Therapy for Fibromyalgia Syndrome Page:—
87. Determination of Peoniflorin and Glycyrrhizic Acid in Modified Shaoyao Gancao Granules by High Performance Liquid Chromatography Page:—
88. Effect of Aitongping on c-fos Gene Expression and Substance P Content in Spinal Dorsal Horn of Rats with Formalin-induced Pain Page:—
89. Effect of Compound Fuling Gancao Decoction on Transforming Growth Factor ?_1 in Pulmonary Artery of Rats with Pulmonary Hypertension Page:—
90. Experimental Study on Hemostatic Mechanism of Micron Rhubarb Charcoal for the Treatment of Gastric Ulcer Bleeding Page:—
91. Effect of Catgut-embedding Therapy for Depressive Neurosis: An Observation of 47 Cases Page:—
92. Effect of Acupuncture at Different Doses on Synaptic Plasticity of Rats After Cerebral Ischemia Page:—
93. Relationship Between Tongue Conditions and Hemorrheology in Acute Stage of Cerebral Hemorrhage Page:—
94. Clinical Research of Xuefu Zhuyu Decoction for the Intervention of Myocardial Fibrosis of Coronary Heart Disease Patients with Blood Stasis Syndrome Page:—
95. Effect of Danhong Injection on Thyroid Hormone Level in Patients with Angina Due to Coronary Heart Disease Page:—
96. Fungal Lung Infection in the Elderly:A Retrospective Review of 60 Cases Page:—
97. Treatment of Femoral Intertrochanteric Fracture with General Combinable External Fixator Page:—
98. Effects of Compound Ganduqing Decoction on Activation and Apoptosis of Iron-overloading Hepatic Stellate Cells Page:—
99. Effect of Angong Niuhuang Bolus on High Mobility Group Box-1 Protein Expression and Myeloperoxidase Activity in Lung of Sepsis Rats Page:—
100. Effects of Ginsenoside Rg1 on Structure and Function of Rat Skeletal Muscle with Exercise-induced Fatigue Page:—
101. Effect of Astragalus Injection on Aquaporin-1 Expression of Peritoneal Mesothelial Cells in Rats with Peritoneal Dialysis Page:—
102. Optimization of Macroporous Resin for Isolation and Purification of Total Alkaloids from Rhizoma Coptidis Page:—
103. Clinical Research of Qizhong Granules for Preventing Upper Respiratory Tract Infection In the Elderly Page:—
104. Therapeutic Effect of External Application and Oral Use of Herba Seu Radix Violae Japonicae for the Treatment of Chronic Osteomyelitis Page:—
105. Clinical Observation on Shilin Qinghua Decoction for Treatment of Urinary Calculi Page:—
106. Research of Intervention with Electroacupuncture Through Regulating MAPK/ERK Pathway for Cerebral Ischemia Rats Page:—
107. Synthesis of 1,3,4-thiodiazole Schiff Base with Phytohormone Activity and Its Structure Identification Page:—
108. Investigation of Morphological Features of Flowers and Fruits in Different Cultivars of Amomum villosum Lour. from Genuine Producing Areas Page:—
109. Influence of Different Soaking Treatment Methods on Germination of Amomum villosum Lour. Seeds Page:—
110. In-Vitro Culture and Rapid Propagation of Aloe vera L.Var.chinensis(Haw.)Berger Page:—
111. Studies on Gestational Function in Rat Models of Endometriosis Induced by Endometrium Autotransplantation Page:—
112. Effect of Jiedu Lifei Oral Liquid on Immune Function in Mice with Viral Pneumonia Page:—
113. Synergistic Action of Shuangping San and Antibioticin the Treatment of Mycoplasmal Pneumonia in Children: A Report of 98 Cases Page:—
114. Effect of Astragalosides on Gastrin Receptor in Gastric Parietal Cells of Rats with Spleen Deficiency Page:—
115. Effect of Sporoderm-broken Spores of Ganoderma Lucidum in the Treatment of Partial Androgen Deficiency of the Aging Male Page:—
116. Clinical Observation of Jin's Three-needle Manipulation Combined with Rehabilitation Therapy for Treatment of Post-stroke Shoulder-hand Syndrome Page:—