Volume: 6 Issue: 1

1. Polysaccharide of spirulina on the prophylaxis and treatment of myelosup pression of mice caused by cyciophosphamide Page:46—48
2. Pathological observation of adriamycin nephropathy in rats Page:43—45
3. Experimental study of the Chinese herbs of Li Qi Huo Xue on preventing and treating the vascular endothelial cells injury in ratsl Page:41—43
4. Effects of glipizide and metformin on serum insulin-like growth factor-1, 2 in patients with type Ⅱ diabetes mellitus Page:38—40
5. Effect of herbal tongxinluo on thrombus formation and neointimal hyperplasia of the balloon injured rabbit peripheral arteries Page:35—37
6. Effects of aspirin and verapamil alone or in combination on mesenteric microcirculation of rats Page:31—34
7. Experimental study of protective effect of local infiltration of methylprednisolone on injured spinal nerve root Page:28—30
8. Protective effect of extracts of ginkgo biloba leaves on apoptosis in neuronal cells Page:25—27
9. Anti-inflammatory effect of astragalosides and its mechanisms of action Page:21—24
10. Effects of the total extract of astragalosides on the growth, AFP secretion and γ-GT activity of human hepatoma cells Page:18—20
11. Inhibitory and excitatory effects of sodium nitroprusside on supraoptic nucleus neurons in vitro Page:15—17
12. Effect of different doses of valsartan on blood pressure and left ventricular hypertrophy in spontaneously hypertensive rats Page:12—14
13. Influence of tetramethylpyrazine on oxygen metabolism during the respi ratory burst of human neutrophiis Page:8—11
14. Protective effect of nerve growth factor (NGF) from the Chinese cobra venom on spinal neurons after sciatic nerve lesion Page:5—7
15. Effect of bcl-2 antisense oligonucleotide targeting different region of bcl-2 mRNA on drug-sensitivity of leukemia cells Page:1—4
16. Effect of losartan on cardiac function and secretion of nitric oxide and endothelin in patients with congestive failure Page:56—58
17. Bioequivalence of brodimoprim capsules in 18 healthy volunteers Page:53—55
18. Study on bioavailability of domestic acyclovir chewable tablets Page:51—53
19. Clinical application of propofol in critical patients with mechanical ventilation after major operation Page:49—50