Volume: 0 Issue: 12

1. Establishment of a network pharmacokinetic model for multiple component drugs and parameter analyses Page:—
2. Efficacy and safety of lizhi soft capsule in treatment of patients with beni gn prostatic hyperplasia Page:—
3. Experimental studies on analgesic and anti-inflammation effects of aspirin -niacinamide-zinc complex (WUY) Page:—
4. Comparison of effects of moxonidion and clonidine on decreasing blood pressure in spontaneous hypertensive rats Page:—
5. Progress in dermatotoxicology Page:—
6. Progress of medication in myocardial fibrosis Page:—
7. Signal transduction mechanism of antidepressant action Page:—
8. Effects of cell adhesion molecule CD_(54) and CD_(44) on apoptosis inducted by momordin in erythroleukemic K562 Cells Page:—
9. Some of problems in inclusion criteria and evaluation indexes of clinical trials in traditional herbs medicine for patients with cerebral infarction Page:—
10. Meta-analysis of effectiveness of omeprazole and other drugs in treatment of active peptic ulcer and bleeding Page:—
11. Meta-analysis on combination of growth hormone and somatostain and single somatostain in treatment of patients with severe acute pancreatitis Page:—
12. Effects of alltride on gastric ulcer and promoting bowl movement Page:—
13. Protection of Mn~(2+) on Injury of human kidney tubular epithelial cell line induced by bentamicin Page:—
14. Effect of 5-aminosalicylic acid on antioxidant mechanism and attenuation of proinflammatory cytokines in trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid-induced colitis in rats Page:—
15. Effect of puerarin on glucogen synthase Kinase-3 bate in adipocyte of rats with insulin resistance Page:—
16. Effect of prostaglandin D_2 on sleep regulation Page:—
17. Effects of telmisartan on serum uric acid metabolism and microalbuminuria excretion in patients with mild to moderate essential hypertension Page:—
18. Effects of operation wound on both endothelin and calcitonin gene-related peptide in hematoplasma of patients Page:—
19. Efficacy of rabeprazole-based triple therapy in treatment of helicobacter pylori positive patient with portal hypertension gastric disease Page:—
20. Protective effects of nimodipine liposomes for injection on injuries of total cerebral ischemia/reperfusion in rats and anoxia in mice Page:—
21. Comparative study of cisplatin plus gemcitabine versus cisplatin plus vinorelbine in patients with advanced stage non-small cell lung cancer Page:—
22. Simultaneous measurement of magnesium isoglycyrrhizinate and glycyrrhetic acid in plasma of dog by HPLC Page:—
23. Effect of phagotrophic ability of marcophage on pseudomonas aeruginosa Page:—
24. Research advances in pharmacogenomics of warfarin Page:—
25. Sequelae of hypergastrinemia due to long-term administration of proton pump inhibitors and its management Page:—
26. Effects of five drugs including ciclosporin and nifedipine which were usually used in patients with kidney transplantation on erythrocyte thiopurine methyltransferase activity Page:—
27. Effects of recombinant human endostatin on the expression of apoptosisrelated genes in synovial tissue in rats with adjuvant arthritis Page:—
28. Ethical review of biomedical research involving human subjects:expedited review Page:—
29. Clinical observation on azasetron in different juncture injection for preventing postoperative nausea and vomiting Page:—
30. Comparison on anesthetic effects of remifentanil and fentanyl for posterior scoliosis correction Page:—
31. Inhibitive and toxic effects of artesunate on murine bone marrow hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells Page:—
32. Research the expression of NF-?B and apoptosis of neutrophils induced by TNF-? treated with Lidocaine Page:—
33. Regimen based on platinum compound plus docetaxel for the treatment of advanced esophageal carcinoma as a first-line drug Page:—
34. Prevention on the side effects of erythromycin lactobionate via intervenous drop infusion for the gastrointestinal tract in children Page:—
35. Effects of intercostals neural blockade combining with intravenous dexamethasone on postoperative pain,nausea and vomiting and rehabilitation after laparoscopic cholecystectomy Page:—
36. Patho-physiological function of activiated renal renin-angiotensin system in hypertension and kidney disease Page:—
37. Advancement of pharmacokinetic studies on chinese herbal medicine-syn-thetic drug interactions Page:—
38. Progress in inhibitory mechanism of somatostatin in the growth of human colonic carcinoma cells Page:—
39. A clinical study on coadministration of Cyclosporin A and berberin hydrochloride in renal transplanted recipients Page:—
40. Effects of trimetazidine on myocardial ischemia and heart rate variability in patients with non ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome Page:—
41. Application status of using clopidogrel during perioperative period of percutaneous coronary intervention Page:—