Volume: 0 Issue: 01

1. Intra-aortic balloon pump counterpulsation (IABp) in treatment of thirty-three cases with high-dangerous acute myocardial infarction Page:—
2. Effect of four vitamins in combination on cardiovascular activity elements in rabbits fed with high-lipids feed1 Page:—
3. Research progress and clinical perspectives of the nitric oxide donor drugs Page:—
4. Current advances on the pharmacological effects of total flavones of epimedium Page:—
5. Progress in therapeutics of drug dependence by opioids Page:—
6. Clinical study of the therapeutic effects of traditional Chinese medicines on patients with leg eczema Page:—
7. Effect of captopril on vascular endothelium function in patients with essential boundary hypertension by high-frequence ultrasound Page:—
8. Optimization of the extraction and isolation for anthraquinone component from rhubarb Page:—
9. Comparison of the efficacy and safety between cefepime and ceftazidme in the treatment of the moderate to severe low-respiratory tract infection Page:—
10. Effect of continuous epidural analgesia of tramadol on postoperative gastrointestinal function and serum motilin level Page:—
11. Dose and time-effect relationship of seven antimicrobial agents in treatment of vibrio vulnificus infection in mice Page:—
12. Inhibition of bosentan on cultured cardiomyocyte hypertrophy from neonatal mice Page:—
13. Effects of different penetration enhancer on penetration of ciclopirox olamine and salysic acid in percutaneous penetration Page:—
14. Effects of droperidol on the enhancement of persistent sodium currents induced by in vitro ischemia-like condition in isolated rat CA1 paramidal neurons Page:—
15. Effects of compound Yi-Zhi on D-galactose-induced learning and memory deficits in mice1 Page:—
16. Comparison between s.przewalsii maxim injection and s.miltiorrhize bunge injection on the protection on acute focal cerebral ischemia of rats and the effect against lipide peroxidation Page:—
17. Anticonvulsant action of L-histidine in mice Page:—
18. Effects of naoyikang on capability of learning and memory in Alzheimer’s disease model mice Page:—
19. Neuroprotection effect of Milkvetch injection in neonates with hypoxic-ischemic-encephalopathy Page:—
20. Neuroprotective effects of nGBE against glutamate excitotoxicity Page:—
21. Effect of compound salivia miltorrhiza injection on LPS-induced renal microvascular thrombosis Page:—
22. Effects of psychological stress on pathogenetic condition and rapeutic effect of ulcerative colitis Page:—
23. Protection of hepatic stimulator substance against chemotherapeutic liver damage induced by cyclophosphamide in mice inoculated with S_(180) cells Page:—
24. Meta-analysis of effectiveness of fluoxetine in treatment of post-stroke depression Page:—
25. Nitric oxide synthase inhibitors and cerebral ischemia Page:—
26. Progress of clinical pharmacological study on rifabutin Page:—
27. Value of construetion of bypass circuit outflow tract in femoral-popliteal arterial grafting operation Page:—
28. Impact of alendronate on bone resorption at the bone-screw interface Page:—
29. Advancement of perioperative application of lornoxicam Page:—
30. Comparison on two methods of HPLC-MS/MS and MEIA in monitoring the tacrolimus concentrations for organ transplantation patients Page:—
31. Influence of planta medica on the blood concentration of tacrolimus Page:—
32. Effects of Kanglaite injection on antitumor and expression of EGFR in Lewis lung carcinoma Page:—
33. Advancement of the relationship ERCC1 and platinum resistance in digestive system malignant tumors Page:—
34. Protective effect of TQ0701-2 on cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury in rats Page:—
35. Clinical study of protective effects and function regulations of piperazine ferulate tablet on traumatic vascular endothelial cells in type 2 diabetes mellitus Page:—
36. Quality control of large scale clinical trials Page:—
37. Release of anticancer doxorubicin-hydroxypatite(DOX-HAP) complex in rabbit liver Page:—
38. Effect of alumina, magnesia, and simethicone tablet ongastric acid and pepsin activity in rats Page:—
39. Nasal absorption of furosemide and promotion action of l-menthol Page:—
40. Analyses of the complex prescriptions of Luofendeine Page:—
41. Determination of homoharringtonine distribution in eyeball tissue ofrabbit by high performance liquid chromatography method Page:—
42. ICAM-1 expression in experimental fibrosistissue affected by Radis Astragali Page:—
43. Effect of the all trans retinoic acid and Ara-c on the telomerase activity of HL-60 cells Page:—
44. Chronic toxicity of tea polyphenols in dogs Page:—
45. Bioavailability of ubiquinone 10 tablets in healthy volunteers Page:—
46. Effects of berberine on EEG and EEG power spectrum recorded in conscious rabbits Page:—
47. Protective effect of total paeony glocoside against ischemia injury in cultured primary cortex neurons Page:—
48. Effects of Taurine on dysfunction of myocardial nuclear calcium transport in rat myocardial injury induced with isoproterenol Page:—
49. Effect of ligustrazine on pulmonary arterial pressure and thromboxane A_2 and prostacyclin in chronic hypoxic hypercapnic rats Page:—
50. Effect of anti-digoxin antiserum on endogenous digitalis-like factorand membrane ATPase activity in hypoxic injury myocardium Page:—
51. Comparison of anxiolytic effects of allopregnanolone anddiazepam on the elevated plus-maze in mice Page:—
52. Expression of ? and ? opiate receptor in spinal cord andbrainstem during morphine withdrawal in rats Page:—
53. Effect of losartan on cardiac function and secretion of nitric oxide andendothelin in patients with congestive failure Page:—
54. Clinical application of propofol in critical patients with mechanicalventilation after major operation Page:—
55. Polysaccharide of spirulina on the prophylaxis and treatment of myelosuppression of mice caused by cyclophosphamide Page:—
56. Experimental study of the Chinese herbs of Li Qi Huo Xue on preventing and treating the vascular endothelial cells injury in rats Page:—
57. Effects of glipizide and metformin on serum insulin-like growth factor-1,2 in patients with type Ⅱ diabetes mellitus Page:—
58. Effect of herbal tongxinluo on thrombus formation and neointimalhyperplasia of the balloon injured rabbit peripheral arteries Page:—
59. Protective effect of extracts of ginkgo biloba leaves on apoptosis inneuronal cells Page:—
60. Effects of the total extract of astragalosides on the growth,AFP secretion and ?-GT activity of human hepatoma cells Page:—
61. Inhibitory and excitatory effects of sodium nitroprusside on supraopticnucleus neurons in vitro Page:—
62. Influence of tetramethylpyrazine on oxygen metabolism during the respiratory burst of human neutrophils Page:—
63. Current researches on traditional Chinese medicine of anti-hypertension Page:—
64. Progress in treatment of cancer by somatostatin and its resemblances Page:—
65. Progress in the pharmacodynamics of antibiotics Page:—
66. Methods in analysis of the dynamics of drug interaction and its software CoDrug Page:—
67. Effets of interferon ?-2b on serum hpaluronic acid in patients with hypatitis B and hypatitis C Page:—
68. Effects of Xindakang tablet in the treatment of 98 cases with cornonary heart disease Page:—
69. Effect of lamivudine on the quota of liver fibrosis with cirrhosis infected by HBV Page:—
70. Effects of Naokangtai capsule on sixty-two cases parkinson's disease Page:—
71. Clinical study of cisplatin ointment in treatment of psoriasis Page:—
72. Clinical study of lovofloxacin combined with amikacin in the treatment of the patients with pneumonia Page:—
73. Effect of Chaigetongmai oral liquor on hyperlipidemia Page:—
74. Clinical study of valsartan in the treatment of hypertension with left ventricular hypertrophy Page:—
75. Treatment of 52 cases with diabetic derebral infarction by prostaglandin E_1 Page:—
76. Clinical effects of Juzao Pills on the recrudescent and transmigration of breast cancer after surgery Page:—
77. Pharmacokinetics and bioequivalence of sustained-released tablet of nefopam Page:—
78. Linear relationship between pharmacokinetic parameters and doses about potassium clavulanic acid and amoxicillin Page:—
79. Urapidil and nitroglycerine for the control of cardiovascular responses to tracheal intubation/extubation in patients with essential hypertension Page:—
80. Investigation on the tolerance of ibandronate by a single intravenous infusion Page:—
81. Cardiovascular pharmacodynamics of the Riyuedan capsule in rats Page:—
82. Effect of Nujin pills and capsule on the activity of rat's uterus in vitro and rabbit's uterus in vivo Page:—
83. Effects of compound Liuyi decoction and its components on the function of immune cells in Xuexu mice Page:—
84. Effect of notoginsenosiole on Ca~(2+), excitory amino acid content in rat brain of cerebral ischemia and reperfusion Page:—
85. Effects of salvia miltiorrhiza injection on acute myocardial ischemia and hemorheology models of rat Page:—
86. Comparison of the effect of azone and menthol on the percutaneous absorption of indomethacin in vitro Page:—
87. Protective effects of amitriptyline on glutamate-induced neurotoxicity in cerebral neuronal cultures Page:—
88. Effect of clarithromycin on pharmacokinetics of aminophylline at steady state in rabbits Page:—
89. Effect of metronidazole on percutaneous absorption of l-menthol through changing the skin character in rabbits Page:—
90. Effects of 9-(4-Ethoxycarboxylyphenoxy)-6,7-dimethoxy-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro acridine on learning and memory ability in mice Page:—
91. Combined inhibitory effects of propofol and midazolam on macroscopic sodium currents in rat sympathetic ganglion neurons Page:—
92. Clinical evaluation of mycobacterium phlei combined with cisplatin in treatment of patients with malignant pleural effusion Page:—
93. Clinical study of betamethasone neomycin ointment in treatment of patients with subacute eczema Page:—
94. Protective effects of methylflavonolamine on myocardial injury induced by adriamycin in mice Page:—
95. Effect of azelastine hydrochloride on experimental asthma and its mechanism in guinea pigs Page:—
96. Expressions of glutamate and EAAC1 glutamate transporter in neonatal rat after hypoxia-ischemia and their changes after administrated ganglioside GM1 Page:—
97. Reverse effects of composite lactogenic decoction on hypoprolactinemia induced by L-dopa in rats Page:—
98. Experiment study on antiallergic effects of norstemizole Page:—
99. Free radical scavenging activity by Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides peptide on peritoneal macrophages in mice Page:—
100. Application of drug-eluting stents in percutaneouse coronary interangioplasty Page:—
101. Progress in research of brain natriuretic peptide and heart failure Page:—
102. Effects of stress and ovariectomy on behavior activity in mice and intervention of TCM complex Ⅰ Page:—
103. Effects of fosinopril on apoptosis and apoptosis genes in vascular smooth muscle cells Page:—
104. Clinical observation of efficacy of combinative usage of ipratropium bromide and small dosage of theophylline on patients with COPD Page:—
105. Effects of Ca~(2+) /CaM-dependent calcineurin signaling pathway on cardiomyocytes hypertrophy of rats induced by neuropeptide Y Page:—
106. Effects of antisense oligonucleotide targeting survivin on apoptosis in HL-60 cells Page:—
107. Effects of FFBHQH on level of expression of caspase-3 protein of middle cerebral artery in ischemia/ reperfusion models Page:—
108. Cell adhesion molecules and new drug research Page:—
109. ICH E14: a new global regulatory guideline on clinical evaluation of cardiac safety for new drug development programs Page:—
110. General considerations on adaptive designs for clinical trail and drug evaluation Page:—